Week of June 9, 2014

images-1Welcome to the last week of school! We made it! As this will be the last post of the 2013-14 school year, I would like to take the time to thank each of you for your hard work this year.  I hope that each of you has much deserved time with family and friends this summer as I know that fun, family and friends are often neglected for the many extra hours you spend making sure your students get all that they need.

  • Don’t forget to have the assigned person sign off on tasks on your end of year checklist.   If you have any questions, let Will or I know.
  • One of the items on your list is to have your room checked out by Will, Keith or I.  For those who are ready on Friday, we will not begin checking rooms until after 12 once we know all students are dismissed and accounted for.  If your room is ready prior to Friday, you can let one of us know.  You may leave items on bulletin boards and in built-in cubbies or cabinets.  All moveable bookshelves and desks should be emptied out.
  • Please turn in green lunch forms as soon as possible.
  • This week is Reading Spirit Week.  Please see the reading committee’s pink sheet for guidance.
  • Happy Summer Birthdays to: Kristen King and Jane Ruffa (6/21), Ann Marie Houghlating (6/29), Helene Frantz (7/15), Cherie Pugh (7/16), Will Brizendine (7/24), Greg Brown (7/26), Karen Morton (7/31), Sara Rutledge (8/5), Jessica Alfasi (8/6), John Nolte (8/18), Kathie Rushin (8/19), Mary Jane Cagle (8/20), Sarah Simmel (8/25), Amy Dubs (8/26) and Beth Allums (8/27)

Pinchbeck Props – You Make Our Heart Singimgres-5

Thank you to Greg Brown for an outstanding Field Day!  Students and parents were thrilled with the day.

Congratulations to Mary Jane Cagle! She was named Clinic Attendant of the Year.

A special thank you to Jane Ruffa, Gail Moore, Kristen King, Amy Stumpf and Michelle Cahill.  You each are a special part of our staff and will be greatly missed!

This Week’s Beatimgres

Sunday, June 8th – Happy Birthday Marc Seccia
Monday, June 9th – Hats off to Reading; Change for Charities – 8-10 am – cafeteria; Happy Birthday Lisha Cappellino
Tuesday, June 10th – Soak up the Sun in a Good Book; Primary Election – Breakfast and lunch in classrooms; Happy Birthday Sara Ferraro
Wednesday, June 11th – Book Character Dress Up Day; Awards Assemblies – 8:15 am – K-2, 9:30 am – 3-5; Faculty Meeting – 2:30 pm
Thursday, June 12th – 5th Grade Moving on Ceremony – 8:15 am and Party 12-2 pm
Friday, June 13th – Last day of school assembly – 8:30 am; Half-day early dismissal

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Week of June 2, 2014

imagesWe made it to June and only 2 weeks left of school!  As the end of the year draws near and testing comes to a close, take some time to enjoy this time with your students.

  • If parents email you to let you know about a student’s absence, you must direct them to send a note in writing for it to be excused. We have had many instances recently in which we call to find out why a child is absent and the upset parents tell us that they let the teacher know.  If you have questions about this policy, please see Gail or I.
  • Everyone must sign their contract this year.  Remember they are due by June 3rd.
  • Friday is Field Day. The forecast as of now is for 93 degrees and sunny.  Remind students to bring sunscreen and water.  Although students will have freedom at buddy stations, you will still need to be spread out making sure that you are helping out and monitoring.
  • Remember at recess that someone’s eyes should be on all areas  where children are playing.  This means you need to be spread out to monitor.  We have had several discipline incidents recently, so we need to monitor even more at this time of year.
  • Thursday, is our end of the year party and celebration of Jane Ruffa.  It has been moved to Keegan’s in the private room.  We will have our own bar and hospitality will pay for appetizers.   If you have not signed up on the Sign Up Genius, please do so immediately. images-1 Spouses/significant others are welcome.
  • This week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are half-day planning for grade levels to work on checklists.  Please let Will or I know if you have any questions. Feel free to order lunch out.  There are menus available in the office.

Pinchbeck Props – You Make Our Hearts Singimgres-5

Congratulations and thanks to Andrea Ferguson and  Jim Covais who had student work featured at the Henrico 21 Student Fair.  Way to go!

Thank you to all those who have helped with bubbling over the last few weeks! – Sara Rutledge, Jentae Mayo, Connie Booth, Will Brizendine, Jane Leake, Ann Spiers, and Shannon Donovan

This Week’s Beat

Monday, June 2nd – 3rd Grade SOL testing; Sarah and Jane R. out at Retirement luncheon in PM
Tuesday, June 3rd – 4th and 5th Grade SOL/HAT testing; Child Study today
Wednesday, June 4th – 3rd Grade SOL testing; Yearbook delivery – 2pm
Thursday, June 5th – SCA Installation Ceremony – Grades 1-5 – 1:15ish
Friday, June 6th – Field Day (feel free to wear shorts)

Marching Aheadimgres

June 10 – Primary Election Day – no lunch in cafeteria
June 11 – Awards Assemblies K-2 (8:15), 3-4 (9:30)
June 12 – 5th Grade Moving On Ceremony (8:15) & Party (12-2)
June 13 – Last Day of School Assembly (8:30)

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