Week of April 20, 2014

imgres-3Hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break with time with family and friends.  I hope you each had a chance to recharge for the final push to the end of the year.  I wanted to share a post that someone shared with me written by a superintendent of another school district.  “The hustle and bustle of the end of the school year is upon us and with missing so many days of school due to inclement weather, we can get very stressed and frazzled.  Let me remind you to stop and reflect on your daily activities–time with your students, family, and friends. Do not get so “caught up” in a race to the end of the year that you miss the moments to cherish with your students and other aspects of your life.”  I know we have all been feeling the stress of missing school days and trying to figure out how we will get it all in.  But, remember, in the end, testing does not represent what you do day in day out with the students.  It is certainly not what they will remember about you or the year.  They will remember the growth you helped them achieve and the fun moments you share together.   So as it is said, while you push to the end, remember to stop and smell the roses along the way.

  • Attendance reminder – please remember that as you get a 5 day tardy sheet, you must contact the parent.  Sign the sheet and turn it back into myself or Gail. We are getting several students who are hitting the 10 day mark and were not contacted by the teacher yet.  If you have any attendance concerns, please let me know as I am monitoring it closely and requiring doctor’s notes from some students with excessive absences.
  • Please remember that recess is a state mandate.  Students should have 30 minutes every day. Although we are feeling crunched, students do need this time for movement and brain breaks.
  • The third quarter reading incentive of Newcomb and a treat will take place April 30 and May 1.  Times TBD.  I will work around recess and resource schedules  to coordinate grade levels depending on numbers.  Please complete the Google doc by Friday. https://docs.google.com/a/henrico.k12.va.us/forms/d/166Qo-k60ASj6lUPa5p5J_fliZMQmBJPVNtbsDyQywTA/viewform
  • If you are interested in helping to plan the SOL Pep Assembly, please email me by Friday.
  • MAPs testing takes place from Tuesday through Tuesday. Please ensure COWS are plugged in and ready for grade levels to use.
  • Invites for the Volunteer Breakfast are in the lounge.  If you have not already done so, please send them home to parents you know have volunteered in the school.  I will send one electronically as well to all families.
  • This week’s Morning Meeting Reporting link is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CWR87M3

Pinchbeck Props – You Make Our Heart Singimgres-5

A HUGE props to Michelle Cahill and Sherry Birkhead!   Michelle has finished VAAPs for her class and they did an awesome job!  These portfolios take a ton of time to put together.  Thanks to Sherry for helping support by taking students and giving ideas.

Another HUGE thank you everyone for helping to make the send off to the Little Feet Meet so amazing! It was incredibly touching and I know the students loved it.

From Mrs. Mayo
Hardymon-For her MM based on “Listening/Following Directions”. She did a SWEET listening/following directions activity! This is a vital skill to teach our upper grade students, especially as we prepare for upcoming testing! Ask her about this! I also have a similar activity.
Damron- For her “Warm and Fuzzy” MM using Kid President – 20 Things You Should Say More Often. They did a writing/ brainstorm/ discussion activity. Way to encourage deep thinking and discussion, Madeline!
Jones- For his ACTIVE MM Activity. He really understands that 1st graders need physical activity in their learning! Way to go, Danny!
Louthan- For her MM based on diversity in strengths & weaknesses. She used the story “Leo the Late Bloomer” & connected with Kindergarten’s theme & study of plants/ flowers!
Smith- For her MM based on a classroom challenge with honesty so, she read “The Empty Pot” and discussed the topic. Great job, Brittani!
Stumpf- For her MM based on “Getting in your 2 cents”- taking turns & active listening. She did an STELLAR activity connected to money! Ask her about this! So creative!
Davis- For her MM based on staying focused & enjoying final months at Pinchbeck. She used the song “Compass” by Lady Antebellum to illustrate this! Powerful, Brooke!
Dubs-For her MM based on brainstorming solutions to classroom challenges & problem solving! What an outstanding “real- life” skill to teach!
Cappellino-For her MM based on the “power” of words as tools to express yourselves effectively/ appropriately. She reached out to me to borrow “The Magic Coloring Book of Feelings” & Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst. She shared “The Anger Rules” from me, for anger management & practiced “I feel…” statements! Super, Lisha!

This Week’s Beatimgres

Monday, April 21st – Welcome back
Tuesday, April 22nd – Earth Day Treats
Wednesday, April 23rd – Retention Meetings; 5th Grade to Byrd; Faculty Meeting – 2:30pm
Thursday, April 24th – 1st Grade performance – 1:15 pm; PTA – 6:30 pm
Friday, April 25th – Jeans day; Will out at Testing Mtg.; Jentae out; Book Celebration at Maybeury

Marching Ahead
April 28 – PALs Window opens
May 1 – Volunteer Breakfast
May 2 – Kg. Sneak-a-peak
May 3 – HCPS Arts Festival at Glen Allen
May 5 – 9 – Teacher Appreciation Week
May 7 – Faculty Mtg.
May 9 – SOL Pep Assembly
May 16 – Shannonpalooza


Week of April 4, 2014

imagesJust 5 short days until Spring Break! I know we have special events this week, but the more routined you can keep your students, the better off they will be.  There will be intervention this week to make up for so much time missed from snow days.  Thank you all for working so quickly to turn in names for the pep assembly and getting report cards done!  With these things out of the way, I hope you will take them time to enjoy your break and not think about work too much.  Use the week off to refresh and get ready for the final push.

  • Feel free to wear jeans all week.  Don’t forget Monday is College Gear Day.
  • Report cards go home on Friday.
  • Thursday is Kindergarten registration.  The library will be closed for students as registration will take place here.  There will be no book checkout and Jane has graciously agreed to do lessons in classrooms.
  • Thursday is also the Little Feet Meet.  We will share facts on the announcements this week.  Mrs. Birkhead is also going to have poster board available for grade levels to make signs for the students participating.  We will also do the send off on Thursday at 9:30 if your class would like to come down and cheer them on.
  • The last day of intervention will be May 2nd.  During the week of May 5th, we will have Jane and Ann working to help 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade with the final push for SOL preparation.

Pinchbeck Props – You Make Our Heart Singimgres-5

Thank you to Jentae Mayo for organizing a great Career Week! Students are excited to learn about many career options.

Thank you again to Amy Holzbach, Beth Allums and Jentae Mayo for an awesome school play!  The kids were amazing and couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you also to the teachers who volunteered on the night of the shows to help it all run smoothly: Lauren Miller, Marc Seccia, Sarah Hardymon, Jessica Alfasi, Sara Ferraro, Libby Coulter and Amy Stevens.   Thank you also to Brooke Davis for helping with rehearsals. Finally, a huge thank you to Denise Bickett for receipting all the ticket money and keeping us straight.

From Mrs. Mayo
Cappellino- For her MM focused on the novel, No Talking! by Andrew Clements. They discussed the importance of following classroom rules. Great review!
Gonzalez- She read the book, The Crayons Who Quit, and discussed how they were similar/different crayons to/from the crayons to introduce personification. Her class worked on personification poems and discussed mixing up groups/lunch tables in order to meet & learn about different people in their class! Great way to form connections with Rigor, Relevance, and RELATIONSHIPS!
Rushin-She attended Part 1 of the “Got Problem Behavior” and decided to try a great technique to encourage students to be good independent workers
and problem solvers. In her MM, she appointed a “Table Captain” (the 1st few students to enter room in the AM) to answer questions about what to do to get started!
Smith- For her “student centered” approach to letting her students reflect on their feelings toward Mrs. Snead leaving. This was a great way to facilitate support with such a big change & loss in your room!
Louthan- Read a great book: “You Are Special” by Max Lucado. The story is based on inclusiveness and reminds students that we are all special & have feelings. LOVE it!
Amy Stevens- For her idea to let the class decide who should win the RAYS award for the 3rd 9 wks. They reviewed the qualifications & voted! Another great way to review & idea to encourage “community” in her classroom!
Coulter- She shared the book “The Way I Feel” with her class and discussed! LOVE this book! This a SUPER way to discuss acceptance of feelings for our little ones!
Hardymon- For her MM based on TRUST, due to a classroom need. Her class went outside, first, and did a trust fall with her and their student teacher. They then talked & discussed feelings about the activity & trust among their peers, parents & teachers, & how hard it is to gain back once it is lost. POWERFUL!
Miller- For her MM focused on the importance of LEARNING & being well- rounded over focusing on GRADES only. What a great “LASTING LESSON”!
Damron- She “My Mouth is a Volcano” & introduced non-verbal “blurting cards” to give students when “erupting” in class. Great idea!

This Week’s Beatimgres-3

Monday, April 4th – College Gear Day
Tuesday, April 5th – Touch-a-Truck Day; Child Study today; Big Red Bus – 1st grade – 12:45 pm
Wednesday, April 6th – Career Speakers Day; Will out; Sarah at Library interviews in AM; Famous People Parade – 1 pm; After School Enrichment
Thursday, April 7th – Kindergarten Registration; Little Feet Meet; Career Writing Prompt day; Will out; Rays Reaching Out
Friday, April 8th – Career Fair; Jungle Book Cast Party – 1:30; Will out; Report Cards Go Home; Happy birthday Danny Jones
Spring Break Birthdays – Happy birthday Amy Stevens and Stacey Sylvia – April 15th

Marching Ahead
April 22 – Earth Day Treat Day
April 23 – Retention Meetings; 5th grade to Byrd; Faculty Meeting
April 24 – 1st Grade Music Performance – 1:15
April 28 – PALs Window Opens
May 1 – Volunteer Breakfast
May 2 – Kg. Sneak-a-peak day
May 3 – HCPS Arts Festival at Glen Allen

Week of March 31, 2014

imgres-1We’ve just about made it through March…finally!  With the excitement of Spring Break impending, the more you can stay routined, the calmer students will be.  I know that is difficult with so much going on the next few weeks.  We will have about 4 weeks after Spring Break until testing.  Start planning now for that final push.

  • Report cards are due April 6th.  Please let your assigned reader know when yours are ready. (Will – K/1, Jentae 2/3, Sarah 4/5)
  • This Friday is the PTA End of 9 Weeks Luncheon.
  • It is with a lot of sadness for our PES family, but happiness for her family that I have to let you know that Kristen King will be leaving Pinchbeck at the end of the year.  Her husband has accepted a great job opportunity in Harrisonburg.  Also, most of you already know, but both Jane Ruffa and Gail Moore will be retiring at the end of the year.
  • Make sure you fill out the google doc from Denise for the Pep Assembly by 2:30 on Tuesday.
  • Here are two great sites to share with families.  They have books in many language in both fiction and nonfiction. http://www.uniteforliteracy.com/us.aspx   http://en.childrenslibrary.org/
  • This week’s Morning Meeting reporting link is:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9KRBLHK.  Remember this is a requirement.  Only about half the staff filled it out the last two weeks.
  • Monday is the last publicized day to take orders for Jungle Book tickets.  However, we will still take them on Tuesday if they come in.

Pinchbeck Props – You Make Our Heart Singimgres-5

A very special thanks in advance to Amy Holzbach, Beth Allums and Jentae Mayo for leading the school play.  They have spent countless hours of their own time preparing and directing the students.  We are all excited to see the great performance!

From Mrs. Mayo
Sherry Birckhead- For her age appropriate connection to sharing using the book “Rainbow Fish”. Cute connection, Sherry!
Helene Frantz- For her great review/ discussion of making and keeping friends during her MM. In addition to a poem and song,she read a story called “Friends Forever”. Great idea to help students fine MANY ways to connect with the topic! You are the QUEEN of connections!
Lisha Cappellino- For her MM taking on the challenge of “Conflict Resolution” with her bunch! It is SO critical that we teach students to COPE and HANDLE disagreement, rather than always trying to avoid it. It is important to encourage little voices to be heard! Way to go, Lisha!
Amy Dubs- For her AMAZING MM based on “Energy Bus: A Story About Staying Positive and Overcoming Challenges”. She had students draw pictures of “positive visions”! Amy, you truly go above and beyond for your MMs!
Sarah Hardymon-For her MM using Kid President: A Letter for their First Day Here video. In connection with the video, she had her students write three things they have learned about life and think others younger then them should know. She then shared these anonymously! Wow!
Andrea Ferguson- For her MM focused on ORGANIZATION! This is a critical skill to teach 3rd graders. She taught her students how to break down an upcoming big assignment to ensure the success of everyone. Way to spread your “passion” for organization to your class!

This Week’s Beatcropped-imgres-4.jpeg

Monday, March 31st – Retention forms due
Tuesday, April 1st – Child Study today; Will at RAD meeting in AM;
Wednesday, April 2nd – Pep Assembly/Play – 8:30 am – Wear jeans and play shirt or spirit wear; Committee Meetings; Jungle Book – 6:30 pm
Thursday, April 3rd – CBI trip (Birkhead/Cahill); 2nd grade to Henricus; Sarah at Scheduling training in AM; CCT Meetings; Happy Birthday Brooke Davis; Jungle Book – 6:30 pm
Friday, April 4th – Jeans day; Teacher Luncheon

Marching Ahead
April 6 – Report Cards due
April 7-11 – Career Week
April 9 – 3rd Grade Famous People Parade – 1:00 pm
April 10 – Kindergarten Registration
April 11 – Report Cards go home; Cast Party
April 22 – Earth Day Treat Day
April 23 – Faculty Meeting
April 24 – 1st Grade performance



Week of March 24, 2014

imgres-1We are reaching the last week of March!  I know this has been a frustrating month with missed days and constant schedule changes.  Thank you to each one of you for your patience, flexibility and perseverance through a trying month.  Keep working on building students’ stamina up and trying to maintain routines as best you can.  Hopefully (fingers crossed), we will have three uninterrupted weeks of instruction prior to Spring Break.

  • This week, we will be honoring our three custodians.  Thank you to Keith, Abraham and Osama for all they do to make the school look great!  They are always willing to help wherever they can, and we so appreciate them!
  • This week will be selling tickets for the Jungle Book play.  When you receive them, they must go into the folder you received marked “Jungle Book” the day you get them.  Tickets are first come, first serve and only 400 per night are being sold.  DO NOT send these envelopes with students.  Will or I will come around and collect them first thing in the morning. We will make an announcement when tickets are sold out.
  • Several teachers went to see Don Marinelli speak at a conference this week at the Science Museum.  It was a very interesting talk and made the case clearer for how students today learn completely different that any of us did.  Here is a great website for writing that was shared at the conference: http://carnegielibrary.org/kids/storymaker/  We will take a few minutes to show it at this weeks’s faculty meeting.
  • I know many of you are worrying about placements for next year.  Now that I have (most) everyone’s planning form, Will and I will sit down this week and make decisions. This process is not meant to create additional anxiety for anyone, but rather look at what is best for students and their needs.  Of course, part of that is considering what each of you wants.  We will have conversations with you all and give you decisions by the beginning of April.
  • Greg is beginning to work on Field Day and we want to continue to make it the fun, active day that it is each year.  With that said, please complete the following survey by Wednesday, March 26th to help us decide if/what changes should be made to continue to make it a great day!  For those who have been here for past field days, last year’s schedule is attached to refer to. Pinchbeck SUPER Field Day May 3th 2013 For those who are new and may have field day’s at other schools, we would love to hear what you loved from your school.  Thanks to Greg for planning this busy day!  We know a lot goes into it!  Here is the link to the survey:https://docs.google.com/a/henrico.k12.va.us/forms/d/1mDnwGQ1WwtAOI_0UA0mHvdM4qoKAUNPIgrvRw1wM2Gs/viewform
  • This week’s morning meeting reporting link:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/M3RXRLN
  • Friday’s half day is yours to complete report cards, etc.  Lunch is on your own; feel free to go out.  Report cards are due to admin to read by April 6th.  Reports go home on April 11th, so we have a short turn-around time. Please let us know as soon as yours are ready to read.  (Will – K/1, Jentae – 2/3, Sarah 4/5)
  • On Monday, you will receive information about retention.  There are certain timelines that must be followed.  Pay close attention to what needs to be on the third quarter comments if you are considering someone for retention.

Pinchbeck Props – You Make Our Heart Singimgres-5

“To the Fairy dishwasher that washed all the dishes on Friday and soaked the crockpot……THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!” – From Sarah Hardymon

A huge props to all of the 5th grade teachers, Jessica Alfasi, and Vicky Lefon for their hard work helping to prepare the students for the Writing SOL.  Testing was smooth and students were confident.  I know they did great!  Thanks also to Will for having testing so organized and ready to go without a hitch!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Don Marinelli conference after school hours to learn more about STEAM: Kathy Louthan, Amy Stumpf, Elizabeth Long, Andrea Ferguson, Ellen Gonzalez, Amy Dubs, Lauren Miller, Brooke Davis and Shannon Donovan.  Ask them about it!

From Mrs. Mayo
Sarah Hardymon & Lauren Miller- For their MM focused on test anxiety! A big challenge for their age group, class and this time of year. At her Math CCT meeting Lauren learned about a strategy called “Dump the Brain” where you write down everything you know about a topic right when the test begins. She shared it with her class and teammate (Sarah). Spot on, ladies!
Jones & Rushin- For reaching out to me for resources and borrowing a GREAT book “My Mouth is a Volcano” to reinforce classroom issues with “blurting”! Ms. Rushin even started “Volcano Check!” in her classroom as a verbal reminder! Way to go!
Brooke Davis- For her MM discussion on “Body Image” in preparation for their YMCA Swimming Field Trip. What a WONDERFUL and age- appropriate discussion to have in order to prepare her 5th graders for adolescence and to support positive self-image! Hats off to you, Brooke!
Cherie Pugh- For her MM on preparing for upcoming testing using the book “Hooray for Diffendoofer Day” by Dr. Seuss. Classmates provided strategies to help them feel prepared for test day. Great topic choice, Cherie!
Kathy Louthan & Lisha Cappellino- For their AWESOME book pics to connect relevance with their MM topics- “Teammates” by Tiki and Ronde Barber (Teamwork- Cappellino) and ” The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein (Growth and Change-Louthan). Kathy, this is a FABULOUS time to discuss growth and change with our youngest students!

This Week’s Beatimgres

Monday, March 24th – Picture Day (please follow your schedule); Descartes Training – 2:30 pm (Grades 3-5 and SPED); Happy birthday Elise Carey and Magedda Barsoom
Tuesday, March 25th – Will out in PM at AsP meeting; Play Practice – 2:30 pm
Wednesday, March 26th – 5th Grade TDAP clinic; Faculty Meeting – 2:30 pm
Thursday, March 27th – 5th Grade to DC (Sarah will be attending)
Friday, March 28th – Jeans Day; Early Dismissal/Half Day planning; Papa John’s presentation – 2:00 pm – library

Marching Ahead

April 2 – Pep Assembly/Student viewing of the Jungle Book – please see your grade level chair for info
April 2 – Committee Meetings
April 6 – Report Cards due
April 7 (week of) – Career Week
April 10 – Kg. Registration; Little Feet Meet
April 11 – Report Cards sent home

Week of March 17, 2014

imgresThank you all for your flexibility with so many schedule changes.  Hopefully we will not have to make many more!  We do still have 3 days built into the schedule, so at this time there are no plans for any calendar changes.

  • This week 5th grade takes their SOL writing test on Tuesday and Wednesday.   I know the 5th graders and teachers have been diligently preparing and will do awesome! Please talk with your students about being extra quiet as testing will take place all around the building.  Do not go outside for recess until we give the all clear for testing.
  • Please welcome Jody Faig.  She will be a new instructional assistant working in Sherry Birkhead’s room.
  • Sadly, I must announce that Sara Snead will be leaving us at the end of the month. She and her husband will return to Nepal to continue teaching and missionary work.  She is an outstanding teacher and will greatly be missed.
  • Friday is Crossing Guard Appreciation Day.  Please remind your Farmington walkers to thank ours.  Thank you also to Madeline Ammann, Sudie Wood and Amy Holzbach for helping our other walkers safely cross to Cabin Creek.
  • I received information about summer school this Friday.  I will soon share more information, but we will only be able to send 11 total students from Pinchbeck to summer school this year.  I tell you this now so that you don’t plan on it as a summer remediation for your students.
  • This week’s morning meeting reporting link is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/D8JP7PC

Pinchbeck Props – You Make Our Heart Singimgres-5

A HUGE thank you to all of you who helped with Papa John’s Delivery Night and to Will for organizing.  Most of the staff were drivers.  We made a huge amount of money for the school and hopefully you had some fun on the way.  I know the students enjoyed it!

I am sure this is echoed by many people.  “Thank you to Marc Seccia for his patience and guidance this year with my technology issues.  He has been a huge help and has made my life so much easier.” – from Amy Stumpf

Thank you to Beth and Amy for an awesome Art & Music Night!  It took a lot of work to put it together, especially with so many schedule changes.

From Mrs. Mayo
Ferraro- For her MM focused on being prepared for 1st grade and good citizenship! Way to teach our little ones to set goals at a GREAT time!
Dubs- Her class presented their “Snow Day Challenge” projects which focused on inspiration and good citizenship. She had some AMAZING ideas for POWERFUL writing prompts! You are amazing, Amy! What a great way to keep kids learning & momentum going through the snow!
Carey- For her MM focusing on bravery and Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUQsqBqxoR4. What a great way to connect with students, integrate character building and stay RELEVANT with students’ interests!!
Cappellino- For her MM using the inspiration Dr. Seuss book, “Oh the Places You Will Go!”. Beautiful and inspiring way to generate meaningful discussion and connections!
Frantz and Coulter- For her MM based on the important aspect of lifelong learning. They read the story “Now and Ben”, a book about Benjamin Franklin and talked about how he must have been a lifelong learner in order to be able to accomplish all that he did.
Smith- For her MM based on teaching her students about strengths, weakness & setting goals. This is SUCH an important milestone for 2nd graders to prepare for the transition to 3rd grade. She used the “7 Habits” story for Habit #2- “Begin with the End in Mind”. SUPER Job, Brittani!
Louthan and Ferguson- For their joint MM on “Bucket-Filling” with their “book buddies”. They read the book “Yertle the Turtle” by Dr. Seuss. Students wrote 3 ways King Yertle was a bucket emptier and discussed how being a bucket emptier affects others. They also wrote letters to Yertle the Turtle to help him be more of a bucket filler.
Hardymon/ Sederstrom- “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” by Dr. Seuss was shared with both classes in connection to their study of force, energy & motion and how oobleck is a non-newtonian (goes against Newton’s laws). They had a rich discussion with both classes together about appreciating what we have, how greedy the king was, & ways that we can be like Bartholomew…the single person to stand out & make a difference.

This Week’s Beatimgres-1.jpeg

Monday, March 17 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day; Wear jeans and green
Tuesday, March 18 – 5th Grade Multiple Choice Writing SOL
Wednesday, March 19 – 5th Grade Direct Writing SOL; Committee Meetings; Happy Birthday Keith Bradby
Thursday, March 20 – Jentae out today
Friday, March 21 – Happy Friday; Jentae out today; Crossing Guard Appreciation

Marching Ahead
March 24 (week of) – Custodian Appreciation Week
March 24 – Picture Day
March 26 – Tdap Clinic; Faculty Meeting
March 28 – 1/2 Day; End of Nine Weeks
April 7 (week of) – Career Week
April 10 – Kg. Registration; Little Feet Meet

Week of March 19, 2014

Many of you have asked or are wondering if we will be making any more days up. To date, I have not heard of any calendar changes, which means as of now March 28th is still a half day and that the nine weeks has not been imagesextended. If I hear of any changes, I will let you know immediately. Hopefully, the rest of March will be like a lamb!  Let’s all THINK SPRING!

  • This week is STEAM week!  Thank you to the STEAM committee for organizing!  While each grade level is doing one large project, also try to challenge yourself to think of ways you can incorporate cross-curricular subjects into your everyday teaching.  Here’s a few everyday STEAM examples:  Using plants/flowers – students could make observations about them; they could write about these observations; you could discuss life cycles, the plants/flowers could be compared/contrasted to each other; petals could be added or compared for “how many more,” you could make fractions of flowers with bugs, thorns, etc,; story problems could be written and solved about them; plants/flowers could be drawn and have a story created.
  • Thursday is Art & Music Night, where we will showcase student art and 4th grade will perform their recorder program.  If you have completed STEAM projects, we would like to display them with the art as well.
  • This week is also Papa John’s delivery night.  The proceeds go directly to the school.  We get 20% of sales and 100% of the tips.  Please share with family and friends in the area.  For those delivering, THANK YOU!  We could not do it without you.  Please wear jeans and your Papa John’s shirt on Tuesday as this is the last day to order online.
  • This week, we will have our semester awards assembly.  We will call you when it is time.  However, you should be ready when called.  Parents are welcome to attend.
  • Due to last week’s snow our new custodian was unable to start.  He will start this Monday.  Thank you for your patience with the building not being as clean.  We will be sure to get it back in shape this week.
  • Feel free to show your students the talent show video this week. https://vimeo.com/88518584
  • Amy Dubs found this great website for TEI practice.  Thanks for sharing!  It is for grades 2-6.   http://www.allenteachers.com/interactive/
  • On Monday, picture sign ups will be put up after school.  They will be first come first serve.  An announcement will be made when they are put up.
  • Please welcome Rachel Atkins, student teacher in Sarah Hardymon’s room this week.
  • This week’s morning meeting reporting link is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8NX2BYX

Pinchbeck Props – You Make Our Heart Singimgres-5

A HUGE thank you to Abraham Akoon!  He has been covering not only his areas, but many other areas of the school.  Please thank him for his hard work while we have been a person down.

Wednesday will be Terry Luedecke’s last day with us.  She will be moving to Vermont and will be GREATLY missed!  She has been a highly dedicated, hard-working member of the staff for many years.

Thank you to Amy Holzbach for coordinating the Talent Show video and live performance!  The students loved both.  Thank you also to all those who participated in the video, as well as to Kristen, Brooke, Amy D., Brittani, Sherry, Jentae, Lauren, Sarah H., Amy H. and Marc for performing in the live show.

Thank you to Brooke Davis and Sarah Hardymon for hosting the talent show!  They were a huge hit!

Props to Amy Dubs and Suzanne Ranson for sending “Snow Day Challenges” to their students.  It was a great way to still get in some learning on days off.

From Mrs. Mayo
Stevens for her MM based on accepting differences in others. I love that your used MLK & a BHM connection w/ this along with Dr. Seuss’s upcoming birthday!
Smith for her MM based on blurting and interrupting. She did a great job reaching out and getting resources from me and creating a relevant connection for students!
Ferguson for using her MM to brainstorm new classroom rewards/ incentives tied to class Dojo! Great community building, Andrea!
Hardymon for her MM based on a relevant and timely (w/ writing HATS on the VERY near horizon) connection of how powerful our words were & how we can change our writing ever so slightly to make a bigger punch. They watched a VERY powerful video. ASK HER ABOUT THIS!
Coulter for her MM based on the story the “Lorax” and discussion of keeping the earth clean just in time for Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!
Jones- For his high five system after someone apologizes, rewarding them with a high five. Great way to model and show forgiveness, Danny!
Cappellino- For her MM focusing on words that “hurt”. She used a GREAT book (one of my favs!) “Enemy Pie” to evoke relevant discussion!
Carey- For her MM based on an anxiety attack experienced by a classmate. Classmates reached out to him! They listened to the song by Avicii, “Hey Brother” and gave ways they could lend a helping hand and provide positive support for one another.
Ranson- For her MM based on ANti-Bullying strategies.

This Week’s Beatimgres

Monday, March 10th – 2nd Grade Dragon Parade – 12:45 pm (starting in cafe’)
Tuesday, March 11th – Wear Papa John’s shirts and jeans today; Child study today
Wednesday, March 12th – Awards Assembly – 3-5 – 8:15 am, K-2 – 9:30 am; 5th Grade YMCA field trip; Papa John’s Delivery Night 5-7:30 pm
Thursday, March 13th – 4th Grade St. John’s Field Trip; 5th Grade Writing Practice Day; Music & Art Night – 6-8 pm
Friday, March 14th – Pi Day; Jeans day; Tornado Drill today

Marching Ahead
Marching 18 & 19 – SOL Writing Testing
March 19 – Committee Meetings
March 24 – Picture Day
March 26 – TDAP Clinic (5th Grade); Faculty Meeting
March 28 – End of nine weeks/half day planning

Week of March 3, 2014

i.chzbgrLooks like March is definitely coming in like a lion!  With the winter weather impending, please make sure you know how all of your students would go home in the case of an emergency closing tomorrow.  In addition to the weather, we have a lot going on over the next few weeks.  Should changes to schedules happen, we will let you know as soon as we do.

  • Monday is Read Across America Day.  Mrs. Ruffa has shared many great ideas for the day and hopefully, your room parents have already made contacts about the treats coming in.  Since we don’t know what the weather may bring, you may choose to have them whenever you want.
  • In honor of Read Across America Day, please feel free to wear jeans on Monday with a shirt with words.  It will be a staff “Read My Shirt” Day.
  • This week is 4th grade HATs Testing for writing.  Their testing will take place on Tuesday (multiple choice) and Thursday (direct writing).  Please remind students to be extra quiet during testing.  Please do not go out for recess until the all clear signal is given that testing is over.
  • Thank you all for your patience with the bookfair last week and thank you to the PTA for organizing it.  The bookfair made over $7000, which resulted in $700 worth of books for the school. Mrs. Ruffa was able to pick out new books for the library and Will and I were able to pick out books for the bookroom, professional books for our library and grade level content books for some grade levels.
  • Committee Meetings have been moved to March 19th due to Papa John’s Delivery Night.
  • Please welcome Osama Saeed! He will be our new evening custodian working alongside Abraham. He will be a great addition to our staff.
  • This week’s morning meeting reporting link is:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CTTCWRL

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March is Music in Our Schools Month and Art Month. Thanks to Beth Allums and Amy Holzbach for all they do to inspire a love of the arts with our students.

Thank you to Jane Ruffa and Stacey Sylvia for organizing and sharing great ideas for Read Across America Day!

From Mrs. Mayo
Brooke Davis: For her MM Report that focused on “Keeping the End in Mind” and having a plan. Way to go, teaching 5th Graders an important concept that will benefit them in middle school around the corner and rolling it into academics in order for students to be more successful.
Kathy Louthan and Ann Marie Houghtaling: Great job integrating a study of digraphs and uniqueness with the story “The Very Sleepy Sloth” and the corresponding writing activity. .
Sara Ferraro: For her social story/ scenario activity where students identified good and bad choices.
Lauren Miller: Facilitated problem solving strategies during her MM regarding problems with recess equipment. Way to create a safe and nurturing environment where kids feel safe to share classroom concerns. This is a MAIN purpose of MMs!
Elise Carey: For her discussion of the empowering quote “When it doesn’t feel right, go left!”
Andrea Ferguson: For teaching her 3rd graders about the importance of organization, especially as they approach 4th grade. This is a weakness that often impedes upon the success of a lot of 4th graders!
Elizabeth Long- For her MM focused on a classroom issue: The difference between little deals (molehills) and big deals (mountains). CUTE!
Kathy Louthan and Sarah Simmel For her MM focus on leadership skills and qualities by integrating curriculum on presidents!
Brittani Smith- AMAZING teamwork activity as a response to a classroom need of learning to work cooperatively. ASK HER ABOUT THIS!

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Sunday, March 2nd – Happy Birthday Amy Stumpf
Monday, March 3rd – Read Across America Day
Tuesday, March 4th – 4th Grade HATS Writing; Talent Show Practice – 2:15 pm; Happy Birthday Madeline Damron
Wednesday, March 5th – Awards Assembly – 3-5 – 8:15 am, K-2 – 9:30 am; Papa John’s Meeting & Talent Show Recording – 2:30 pm
Thursday, March 6th – 4th Grade HATS Writing; Worldbeat (Robert Jospe’) Assembly – 9:00 am;
Friday, March 7th – Jeans Day; Dragon Parade – 12:45 pm (starting in cafeteria); Talent Show – 7 pm – Godwin HS
Saturday, March 8th – Happy Birthday Sudie Wood

Marching Ahead
March 10-14 – STEAM Week
March 12 – Papa John’s Night
March 13 – Music/Art Fair
March 18 & 19 – 5th Grade SOL Writing Test
March 19 – Committee Meetings
March 24 – Picture Day

Week of February 24, 2014

images-14.jpgI hope you all had a great weekend!  I know it is hard getting back into routines when ours has been so disrupted for the past month. Looks like we will get to have another full week this week.  Don’t stress about being behind, but rather just take it day by day and make the most of your instructional time.  This is a great opportunity to try new strategies and make use of cross-curricular learning.  We may have another snow storm the following week, so you may want to consider that as you are planning this week.

  • Due to the snow days, you are welcome to move interims back one week.  Please decide as a grade level if you want them to go this week or the following.
  • Due to the bookfair, we will move the awards assembly to the following Wednesday, March 5.  Thank you to the team leaders for their input.  Communication will be sent out to the entire school. If you are able, please communicate also to parents about the change.
  • This is the last two days for play donations. If you receive an envelope with my name on it that has money/check, please call me to pick it up. Do NOT send it with students or put it in my box.
  • The PTA will provide classroom teachers in grades 3-5 with a copy of this year’s book club selection, “Breadcrumbs.”  K-2 had theirs in the fall.
  • Remember that all notes should be sent to the office in the morning.  Once returned, these notes should be given to the students at dismissal, even for car riders.  This allows us to identify who should be picking the student up.
  • 2nd Grade will take CogAT tests this week (Monday-Wednesday).  Please ensure students are extra quiet when walking by their rooms.
  • Remember that the bookfair will be open in the morning and afternoon all week.  Students MUST check in to your room before going to the bookfair.  This will ensure we do not count anyone tardy who was on time.  Please do not allow students to go unless they have money.
  • If you know anyone interested in taking part in Touch-a-Truck day, Career Speaker day or the Career Fair, please see Jentae Mayo.
  • A schedule for Friday’s Reading Incentive will be sent out Monday afternoon.

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Thank you to Madeline Damron, Ellen Gonzalez and Lauren Miller for volunteering with the Bookfair or Pasta Dinner.  Thanks also to those of you who attended.

This Week’s Beat

Monday, February 24th – CogAT testing; Principal’s Coffee (safety and internet safety) – 6 pm
Tuesday, February 25th – CogAT testing; Child Study today; Happy birthday Amy Holzbach
Wednesday, February 26th – CogAT testing; Committee Meeting Make-ups; Happy birthday Jentae Mayo
Thursday, February 27th – Early Bird Math Testing; Chuck E. Cheese Spirit Night
Friday, February 28th – Happy Friday; Jeans day; Reading Incentive today; Happy Birthday Terri Luedecke (February 29)

Marching Aheadimgres-2.jpeg

March – Music/Art Month
March 3 – Read Across America Day – PTA Treat Day
March 4 & 6 – 4th grade HATS Writing Test
March 5 – Awards Assembly
March 6 – Worldbeat (Robert Jospe) Assembly
March 7 – Dragon Parade; Talent Show
March 10-14 – STEAM Week
March 12 – Committee Meetings; Papa John’s Night
March 13 – Music/Art Fair
March 18 & 19 – 5th Grade SOL Writing Test
March 24 – Picture Day

Week of February 17, 2014

Hope you all enjoyed your additional snow days and had a happy Valentine’s Day filled with lots of love! We will have the PTA Treat day on Monday.  Room parents should have coordinated this with you already.

  • Congratulations to Karen Morton! She will be Pinchbeck’s Christie Award nominee having received the most nominations.   We appreciate all she does to work with so many students as well as in supporting teachers in the classroom.
  • Grade level data meetings with take place this week per the schedule Will sent out.  We will talk about students and mid-year data.
  • In working with the interventionist and looking at data, we have decided it will be best to spend two weeks at a time working on each subject. So, they will work for two weeks on reading then for two weeks on math to focus on each more intensively.  Students not receiving intervention can work as you have been doing.  We will discuss more at grade level meetings.
  • SuperTeacherWorksheets has been renewed.  Please let me know if it does not work.
  • If you are interested in some refreshers with Tyner or you want to learn more about a stage you may not be as comfortable with, please let me know.  Deb Jones has been generous enough to loan us they Tyner videos. I will give staff development points.
  • Please use the Google doc to input your names of students who met their second nine weeks reading goal.  We will have the reward on February 28 (times TBD). https://docs.google.com/a/henrico.k12.va.us/forms/d/166Qo-k60ASj6lUPa5p5J_fliZMQmBJPVNtbsDyQywTA/viewform
  • Remember the bookfair preview is this Friday.   If you have not signed up yet for a time, the sheet is posted on the lounge door.
  • This week’s morning meeting reporting link is:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3TJ8C53
  • The PTA Meeting and 2nd grade performance have been rescheduled for Tuesday.  They will perform for the school at 1:15 pm.
  • A staff development (one hour) session will be offered on Wednesday at 2:30.  Jentae and Shannon will be presenting.  Remember you must accrue 10 staff development hours as part of your points this year.  There will be a STEAM session and a technology session soon also.
  • Team Leaders meeting will be rescheduled for February 26th.

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Thank you to Greg Brown for being so flexible during times when the gym is needed for other things (bookfair, science fair, etc.)

From Mrs. Mayo
Cappellino- For her SUPER CUTE MM using the book Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. (I LOVE THIS BOOK!) Her class had a group discussion on kindness, making other feel welcome and “The Golden Rule”.
The Creativity is FLOWIN’ in 5th Grade!
Carey- For her MM based on healthy lifestyles and balancing work and play. Her kiddos enjoyed working as a team on challenging moves from Richard Simmons’ “Sweating to the Oldies” workout video!
Ranson- Her students would like to create a FRIDAY video day, where they are able to create music, news, and reality science videos show each week that teaches concepts learned in class. Way to make learning FUN!
Hardymon- for integrating academic curriculum and practical use of her MM. She based her MM on group work and working as a team in preparation for upcoming group work as they investigate force, Energy, and Motion!
She started the discussion from reading the book “The Proud and Fearless Lion” as a class. Way to go, Sarah! MMs don’t have to be “an extra thing”! They can be integrated into daily activities! You proved this!
Damron- For her MM that was used to introduce a character-building writing prompt where students shared their dreams for our school community, country, and world. They read “Martin’s Big Words” to introduce! Beautiful!
King- For her MM using the great motivator, Kid President, and talking about how we an each make a difference.
Birckhead- For her MM that focused on everyone being important using “The Important Book”.
Rushin- For her MM based on acceptance and individuality using the book “My Princess Boy”. This is SUCH a moving book and story behind the book! Great pick!
Ferraro and Houghtaling- For incorporating academic curriculum (MLK) in your MM! This is a VERY relevant topic for students to form connections with during MMs!
Miller- For using her MM as a “Pep Talk” to motivate and establish expectations (up front) about the first full week back!
A sincere “thank you” to all the teachers that discussed me and my contribution to the school during their MM. I am blown away with all the love I have been shown! I loved how they incorporated discussions on kindness and appreciation along with this. : )

This Week’s Beatimgres

Monday, February 17th – Regular school day
Tuesday, February 18th – Child Study today; 2nd grade performance – 1:15 pm
Wednesday, February 19th – Sarah at Principal’s Meeting all day; Happy birthday Elizabeth Levy
Thursday, February 20th – HCPS TV here to film in Mrs. Dubs’ class; Happy birthday Elizabeth Long
Friday, February 21st – Happy Friday; Jeans day; Will at testing meeting all day; Bookfair previews; Bookfair/Pasta Dinner – 6pm

Marching Ahead

February 26 – Awards Assembly (3-5 – 8:15, K-2 – 9:15)
February 26 – Team Leaders
March 3 – Read Across America Day
March 6th – Worldbeat Performance
March 7th – 2nd Grade Dragon Parade

Week of February 10, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day on Friday! We made it through a busy 5 day week images-1with testing, science fair and more! I know you are all looking forward to a return to normalcy.  As each grade level is finishing testing, we will provide a schedule to meet with you and analyze data to adapt instruction and intervention.

  • Congratulations to Sarah Hardymon and Brittani Smith for being voted as Teacher of the Year and New Teacher of the Year representing Pinchbeck! They are outstanding representatives of our great teachers.
  • Wednesday will be our faculty meeting with Dr. Kinlaw.  It is a chance to ask questions and hear about the direction of the county.  It should only last about 30 minutes.  Therefore, team leaders and hospitality will meet after the meeting, but will end no later than 3:45.   Reading committee is meeting virtually this month, and Sarah will get with the STEAM committee at a later date.
  • Remember that report cards will be sent home on Thursday now and not Monday.  Awards should be sent home with them. Students will be honored at the assembly for both first and second quarter awards.
  • On Monday, Jim Covais, Will and I will be walking through rooms collecting data on 21st century skills (with exception of 3rd grade).  We do not want you to do anything different than you have planned, which is why I’ve waited to tell you until now.  This is simply our way to gauging where we stand with 21st century skills taught on a daily basis. This data will be shared staff-wide and is not being collected by teacher, but rather as a whole.  This is in place of Reflective Friends and gives us a chance to look at strengths and areas for growth.
  • This week’s Morning Meeting reporting link is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VS7FLJS

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A special congratulations to all those nominated for Teacher of the  Year and New Teacher of the Year: Ellen, Kristen, Sarah H.,  Sara F., Ann Marie, Brittani and Elizabeth. All nominations were well-deserved!

Thanks to Sarah H., Jill and Jessica for working together and thinking outside of the box to make a smooth transition for a new student.

Thanks to Sara F., Amy H., Amy S., Suzanne, Ann Marie, and Marc for offering their classrooms for ASE!

This Week’s Beatimgres

Monday, February 10th – Benchmarks
Tuesday, February 11th – Benchmarks, Child Study today
Wednesday, February 12th – Benchmarks; Sarah at RAD meeting in AM; Faculty Meeting – 2:30 pm
Thursday, February 13th – Benchmarks; Will at testing meeting in AM; 2nd grade performance – 1:15 pm; PotLuck in library – 2:30 pm; Rays Reaching Out and Play practice
Friday, February 14th – Jeans day; Valentine Treat Day

Marching Ahead
February 17 – Regular school day
February 18 – Diversity staff development offered
February 18-28 – CogAT testing window
February 21 – PTA Bookfair and Pasta Dinner
February 24-28 – PTA Bookfair
February 26 – Awards Assembly (3-5 – 8:15, K-2 – 9:15)
March 3 – Read Across America Day