The Colors of Fall Inquiry Learning

Throughout the year the class will have opportunities to engage in hands-on,  inquiry based learning. The students will be encouraged to see, think and wonder about a variety of topics in all content areas. Our inquiry based lessons will be centered around the Henrico Learner Profile, which you can view here.

Most recently we explored the colors of Fall using the leaves you sent in! The class sorted the leaves into color groups. Then we explored each color group to see the variations among them. We discussed what we saw, thought and wondered about the colors of the Fall leaves. We saw real life examples of color variation as we explored paint chips and had fun hearing all of the different names that are given to colors.

Our inquiry was extended to STEAM centers where the students had the opportunity to explore the leaves and the colored paint chips on their own. They then got to use a variety of paints to create, and name, their own fall leaf color. Our finished paint chips are displayed in the hall along with our completed leaf sorting.

Be sure to check out our Google Photos Album for pictures of our work!