May 02

Elephant Enclosure- TES

Students in first grade at Tuckahoe just completed a project on elephant enclosures. They began by learning facts about elephants, comparing and contrasting Asian versus African elephants, and then used their problem solving and critical thinking skills to create their own elephant habitat for the zoo. After the project, they worked together to create a presentation highlighting what they learned and describing their designs.

*Link coming soon!

Dec 03


Students in 5th grade at Tuckahoe are working on a unit called Biomimicry. This unit encourages problem solving, critical thinking and inquiry as students are challenged to invent an item inspired by nature that could be helpful to someone. The students began by learning what biomimicry is, exploring nature around our school, and then working to invent a new object by researching different adaptions of organisms. The students are now designing their invention using TinkerCad and our awesome Innovative Learning Coach, Mrs. Green, is assisting us in printing on the 3D printer. At the end of the project, students will present their ideas to our “company” and we will focus on our goal of communication- both speaking and actively listening.

Oct 09

Rosie Revere Engineer

Students in first and second grade have been busy learning about the importance of making mistakes and trying their best. The students were given the task of creating an invention that could solve a problem. I have loved seeing their final products- we have robots that help with chores, helmets that help our brains gain more information or provide us with food, inventions to help with animals or favorite toys and even ones that help with natural disasters. The students are currently finalizing their inventions and presenting them to our group. Look for these to come home soon!

Sep 21

A New Year!

I am so excited to be in a new school year working with such amazing students. This year I will once again be at both Greenwood (Mon/Wed) and Tuckahoe Elementary Schools (Tues/Thurs/Fri). By now you should have received my introduction newsletter for the year, as well as a parent contact form. The parent contact form helps me to communicate with you throughout the school year, work on goals with your child and provide you resources to help your child excel both in school and at home. I appreciate everyone for taking the time to complete this. Thank you!

To start off the school year I am working with first and second graders on the book Rosie Revere Engineer. Together we discuss Rosie’s character changes throughout the book, her character traits and how the students compare to Rosie. Next, the students get to be an inventor like Rosie and come up with an invention that will be helpful to someone. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

In grades 3-5, students are working on goal setting. It is important to start the year with a personal goal in mind that they can work to accomplish. For this activity, students will narrow their goal down to a single word which will be their focus word for the year. Along with this activity students will discuss the importance of color and using vivid vocabulary in their writing. The products are going to look amazing!

May 24

Operation Aid Drop- 3rd Grade

The third grade students at Greenwood and Tuckahoe completed a unit called Operation Aid Drop. Through this unit students enhanced their problem solving skills by creating various criteria to help choose their best solution. Working in teams, students became package engineers and designed an aid drop package to help remote areas who needed supplies. Students had to work together to make changes to their designs to ensure everything stayed protected in their package. They also had to try to spend the least amount of “money” on supplies which was definitely a challenge! This was a fun unit that helped students learn the importance of teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving!

Tuckahoe- Operation Aid Drop video

Greenwood- Operation Aid Drop video

May 01

Operation Aid Drop- 3rd

Third graders at Tuckahoe and Greenwood are learning about aid drops and how they can help people around the world. The students are also learning about the field of package engineering as they design their own aid drop. The goal of the project is to build the cheapest package that keeps the supplies the safest. The students are focusing on problem solving, critical thinking and most importantly teamwork! We hope to test the projects within the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Apr 30

Math Family Fun!

Does your student love math? Math 24 is a fun game with multiple versions for all ages to enjoy.

The goal of the game is to add, subtract, multiply or divide 4 numbers to get 24. This could be a fun game to try as a family. If your child is younger you could try to work through it together or try the primer version that uses addition and subtraction. What a great way to get everyone involved and make learning fun.

Try out these numbers for fun- 4, 2, 3, 1. Can you get 24?

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to email me! I am happy to pass along any resources I can.

Apr 27

Triple Venn Diagrams in 1st Grade

Students in first grade just completed a unit where they had the opportunity to learn about triple Venn diagrams, practice solving them and then they created their own. As a culminating project for the unit, students chose 3 different animals to research. The students organized their research and then applied what they learned by completing a triple Venn diagram with all of their facts. These turned out amazing and the students had fun while practicing so many new skills.

Apr 27

Fun with Algebra!

Second graders have just completed an exciting math unit where they connected numbers and algebra with meerkats. This unit was fun and engaging as students had the opportunity to learn new concepts through games and hands-on activities. I am so proud of them for tackling a challenging topic and growing along the way. Be on the lookout for units to come home soon!

Apr 27

Apartment Design

Fifth graders have been busy learning about area and finding the area of irregular sized rooms. They were then given the task of designing their own apartment based on set criteria. To present their final apartment design, students will use Ozobots and code their apartment while they describe to the class its amazing features. I can’t wait to see the final results!