Making the Great Pyramids out of toothpicks and marshmallows. The challenge was to see who could building the tallest free-standing pyramid!


At the play!

November 12th-16th

Good Evening Parents,

It was great to see so many of you during our fall conferences. Thank you again for coming. Your children continue to work hard and I am so proud of their efforts in all that we do!

Here is what is going on in school this week!
During whole group reading lessons students will:
Become familiar with all parts of a fiction story and different story elements. Last week we focused on setting and characters and add on identifying problem and solution.  We will also be discussing main idea and supporting details in the upcoming weeks.

During small group reading instruction students will be working with me on leveled texts to best meet their needs, independent writing & word work, computer activities, along with having the opportunity to “Read to Self” and continue to visit the library independently. Last week was our first week combining reading groups with Mrs. Peoples class and it was a huge success. The students really seemed to enjoy having new learners in our class!

Social Studies
We will continue our unit on ancient civilizations. Last week we learned about China and this week we will shift to Egypt. We over the next few weeks we will also cover Greece, Rome, and Mali. We will be doing a STEM activity on Tuesday- building the ancient pyramids out of mini marshmallows and toothpicks. Students will NOT be eating the marshmallows so there is not formal permission slip going home. Please let me know if you DO NOT want your student touching the marshmallows due to an allergy.

Last Monday we pretested for Multiplication.The students will be learning different rules and strategies to help them all master multiples of 0, 1, 2, 5 & 10. They will be exposed to other multiples over the next few weeks, but will only be responsible for mastering the ones listed above. We will test on Monday, November 19. Although we have moved on to multiplication, we will continue to practice addition,subtraction, place value, and rounding. Please continue to practice these important concepts at home too!

*A reminder that I will have a section of the test that is review from ALL previously tested areas!

Language Arts/Writing-
This week we will wrap up our continent writing and shift to persuasive essays. We will be doing a fun project called “disguise a turkey”. More to come on this!

Word Study

Students will be given new words tomorrow. We will also be doing the spelling bee for our class this week. Students will have the option to participate.

Important Dates-

November 15- Make-Up Picture Day

November 15- SPES MATH NIGHT!


Reading A-Z- my username is sdunn49– sometimes it will ask you for this information!

Thanks again for all of your support in all that we do!

Miss Dunn


Week 5: October 9th-12th

I hope everyone has had a great weekend so far! Remember tomorrow is a student holiday 🙂


On Friday students took a math test on place value, comparing numbers, and rounding. I am a firm believer that students need to understand their mistakes and correct them to ensure that they understand the material. On Tuesday each student will be given their corrections and will have the opportunity to use their math interactive notebook and retake those questions. I will count their corrections as a quiz grade. I encourage students to get on my blog and practice rounding before coming to school on Tuesday. Our next unit in math will be addition, subtraction, and estimation. Students will be taking a pre-test on Tuesday- this will not count as a grade, but will give me an idea of what skills each student already has.



This week students will be learning about non-fiction text features. I sent home a half sheet of paper in the graded work folder. Please send in any age appropriate magazines that you can spare. Students will complete a scavenger hunt in the magazines to find different text features. They will have a text features quiz on Friday.



Room 309 has been researching an animal for the past two weeks in school using online and book resources.  Students have collected notes and are now ready to put their information together into a final product. Below are a few choices available to your child.  Each product will follow the same grading rubric (which will be posted on Miss Dunn’s blog).  Please chat with your child about which product they’d like to complete and share with the class on Friday, October 12th.  They will have time to work on their products in class, but can also work on them at home.  Feel free to support your own child with technical assistance, but allow them to demonstrate their own creativity and independence. All products will be turned in and presented on Friday, October 12th.  Please see the notes below each product for more information!

  • Poem you must provide a poem and illustration on construction paper to the class.
  • 7-10 cartoon strip make a cartoon about what you’ve learned, including speech bubbles or captions to explain your drawings
  • Poster design a poster that showcases all of your research
  • Google Slides/Powerpoint email or share presentation to Miss Dunn by Friday the 12th before 8am

We will begin working on these projects in class on Tuesday. Please come knowing with project you want to complete and bring any supplies you might need (if your student chooses to do a poster they need to bring a blank poster to school).

Click to see the Rubric


Students are beginning the process of writing an expository research paper on their animal. Each day we will learn a different component of writing a research paper.

There will be no word study this week because it is a shortened week.

Week Three

Dear Parents,

I hope that your children are continuing to come home with exciting news about their school day and excitement about the learning ahead. This is a very sweet and enthusiastic group of students, and I am privileged to have the opportunity to work with them!

The last three weeks have been busy working on setting the tone of our classroom and sharing my expectations with the students. We will continue to learn procedures for classroom centers and rotations in math and reading. It is imperative that each child is able to follow these procedures and expectations during center time so that I am able to work with students in small groups. Small group instruction allows me to differentiate instruction and provide the best education to meet your child’s specific individual learning needs. When students are not following these expectations, it takes away from others learning, and their own learning. Based on their responses to our rules and expectations, I am confident that we will maintain a classroom where everyone respects each other’s “Right to Learn!”

Graded papers will be sent home on Friday, 9/21. Please review the papers, keep them, sign the green sheet on the outside of the envelope, and return the envelope next week.  I will be using this envelope all school year!

Please remember to send a healthy snack in with your child every day.  They may have plastic water bottles at their desk, too. If anyone would like to donate a large container of pretzels or Goldfish to the class, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

What are we learning…
Math: We took our Place Value pre-test Wednesday!  Students will be working on ordering larger numbers, comparing numbers (<,>,=), and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, and 1,000. Please review these important concepts with your child at home. Thank you! I have updated my blog to include place value games!

Reading: This Friday, students will take the M.A.P.S. Reading Test (Measuring Academic Progress). From this valuable tool, along with running records from Fountas & Pinnell, I will begin to form my small reading groups, as well as incorporate the “Daily 5” in my instruction. More information to follow soon. Our reading focus skills over the next few weeks are setting a purpose for reading, connecting self to text, comprehension, and the importance of asking & answering questions in fictional text.

Word Study/Spelling: This was our practice week. All students had the same set of words and practiced the routine. Starting Monday students will take home their 1st set of leveled words, and will have to complete 3 homework assignments during the week (our “Spelling Menu”). Thursday evening, students should study their words and do a practice spelling test. I DO NOT need the practice test turned in! Menu assignments will be due ALTOGETHER. Finally, the Word Study/Spelling Tests will also be on Friday. Please make sure your child brings their Word Study/Spelling Notebook to school daily starting next week!

English/Writing: We have been and will continue to focus our attention on writing complete sentences, proper punctuation, subjects, and predicates. We will also be working on singular & plural nouns, as well as continuing to work on creative writing, as we respond to stories in our Reading Response Journals.

Science: We started our 3 week ANIMAL science unit this week. Information should have come home with your child yesterday about all of the concepts we will be learning during this unit.  Students will also be learning key vocabulary and vocabulary index cards should be coming home nightly for review and brought back to school each day.  Thank you!

Upcoming Events:

FAMILY PIZZA NIGHT- Friday, September 28 5:30-7:30

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for all of your support in all that we do!

Miss Dunn


This morning Aashna and Charlie got to lead the Pledge for the entire school!


On Wednesday Mr. C (our ITRT) came and did a lesson with room 309! We learned how to log into Schoology and use Google Slides!

Week One

Dear Parents,

Your children are off to a GREAT start in 3rd grade! Things are going very smoothly and we have already earned several class compliments! I am very proud of all of your children.

I have given students the option of whether or not they want to use their binder. I will not being using it in a systematic way, but if they would like to keep their folders in there with some extra loose-leaf paper they are more than welcome to. I will be utilizing an interactive notebook for each subject. We are off to a solid start using our math notebook! Next week we will begin creating our language arts notebook!

A few curriculum highlights and some things the children have been or will be working on in the upcoming weeks:

Math- Graphing, basic addition & subtraction, patterns, place value

Language Arts/Writing- “I Am…” poems, creative writing, reading responses, complete sentences (subject & predicates), spelling pretests

Reading- Whole group- Setting a purpose for reading, making predictions, vocabulary, comprehension, library visits w/ our librarian, Mrs. Kingoff for checking out books,  and an “I Pick Good Fit Books” lesson

Social Studies-Civics-being a good citizen, rules/laws/rights/responsibilities

Please feel free to contact me at or afterschool (360-0812) anytime! Looking forward to seeing you all again on Thursday, September 20th for “Back to School Night”.

Have a great weekend!!
Miss Dunn


Some pictures from the week!

On Thursday we went outside and created a Human Bar Graph with the entire third grade!

We survived week one!

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,

Hello! Thank you so much to those of you who could make it to Open House yesterday.  I really enjoyed meeting you, and all of your children, and I am looking forward to a great school year!!

It’s hard to believe the days of summer are coming to a quick close and that we are beginning a new school year on Tuesday, September 4h!!  I am VERY excited to start working with all of your children and to get to know all of you.

You can always reach me after school at SPES (360-0812) or by e-mail at

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

Miss Dunn