Lesson Ideas

October 18, 2013

Online Writing Journal (Grades 3-5)
We can use mixbook.com to create an online journal for your students. This is a great resource to track student growth in language arts! I have used this as a weekly writing tool, morning work assignment, homework, creative prompt, typing practice, and the list goes on and on!
Whole class or center activity

Context Clues (Grades 2 – 5)
We can use padlet to play an excited game to teach the concept and importance of using context clues!
Whole class or center activity

Comic Life Project (Grades K – 5)
We can create a comic life project on the senses, regions, major rivers, layers of the earth, government and so much more… FUN! FUN! FUN!
Whole class or center activity

Students can learn an online version of powerpoint/keynote that is more interactive and they can work on it at HOME!!!!! These projects can be embedded on your blogs as well. Great for book reports and science projects.
Whole class or center activity

Mock Trail:
The students can debate content related topics. For example…
Should women have arrived at Jamestown?
Should Chief Powhatan have traded with the colonist?
Should the Captain John Smith get all the credit for the survival at Jamestown?
We will get the kids to dress up on our Court Day! Huge hit!!!
Whole class activity

Keynote Project:
Students will watch videos and answer questions about a particular unit. This makes a great center activity!!!

We can use Pixie to illustrate content related topics.

Do you want an informal observation of a lesson you are teaching? I can come for 10 minutes and leave you with some strategies that would just stay between us!!!

Math Lesson:
Need help teaching a math concept? Let’s create a flip chart together to prepare your students for the upcoming benchmark assessments.

Need help with a vocabulary lesson? Need help illustrating some math concepts? Want your students collaborating on an interactive word wall on the computer? Well… let’s get the entire class working together on a Padlet!!!

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