During the school year, students will be participating in a classroom economic system called Stein Time Bank, which is based upon the bead economy. The bead economy will act as a representation of monetary value, similar to our economy. There will be 7 denominations of pebbles including $10, $25, $50, $100, $1,000, $5,000 & $10,000.

Students will be given two hundred dollars worth of pebbles every Monday. Students will have plenty of opportunities to earn more money throughout the week. Some examples include overachieving on a homework/classroom assignment, following class rules, keeping the desk/work space organized, getting along with others, using manners, remembering supplies when switching classes, receiving a praise by another teacher, and etc.

A student can also lose money throughout the week. For example, a teacher may fine a student for not completing homework, using inappropriate language, displaying negative hallway behavior, showing disrespect, forgetting supplies when switching class, poor behavior in the cafeteria, or not following any other class or school rule. Students will also have to pay a weekly $25 rent bill to use their desk and the teacher’s supplies. Furthermore, each student will have to file their taxes before April 15, 2014.

As the students continue to save throughout the year, they will have opportunities to learn how to invest their money into different saving accounts and even stocks. The students will learn about interest rates and even develop their own business, which will have it’s own website, business cards, flyers, commercials, and t-shirts! Please visit our business website which has more information about Stein Time Bank!

* being prepared for school
* all homework in on time
* clean work area
* positive behavior
* completing weekly class job

* use of work area, desk, supplies, playground, etc.

* hallway behavior $10
* missing homework $10
missing class supplies $10
talking at inappropriate times $25
* inappropriate language $50
misbehave in special classes $50
* aggressive behavior $100