Online Resources

Watch instructional videos to learn how to use these online resources

Enhance your digital classroom with Animoto, an ideal tool for creating videos and presentations. It takes just minutes to create a video which can bring your lessons to life.

Blabberize, Voki, and GoAnimate
Insert creativity into your next lesson as you create speaking avatars!!! Your students will LOVE these easy to use online resources. Enjoy!!!

Clay Yourself, Yearbook Yourself, & FunFaceCam
Use these three websites to make some great photos!!! Clay Yourself allows your students to create avatars of themselves and of the famous people they learn about throughout the school year. Yearbook Yourself and Fun Face Cam make some hilarious photos that can be used for writing prompts! Your students will LOVE these sites and want to use them all the time at home.

Fabulous resource to create online photo books, scrapbooks, and interactive notebooks. Great tool for grades K-5!

Jigsaw Planet
Use to create puzzles to enhance your lesson!

Create a flip book with pictures and pdfs. You can embed your final products on your blogs! Great site!!!

This online resource is a great way to get your students making online “Powerpoint/Keynote” projects! Prezi can truly spice up your online presentations!!! Great for book reports, science projects and other oral presentations! Enjoy!

Record MP3 & Delivr
Create QR codes for book report projects, newsletters, writing activities, team building activities, weekly spelling homework, oral reports, math scavenger hunts, and so much more!!!

Want to make a tutorial video? Want to record your screen as you demonstrate a task? Use Screencast-O-Matic!

Start webcasting some of your lessons. Chat with another class online. Sing a song with someone in another state! Skype can bring the outside world directly into your classroom!

Looking for a new and simpler way to give your weekly spelling test? Spellingcity will call out your spelling words, give practice test, provide spelling games, and so much more!

This is a great 21st century communication tool used in many elementary schools. Watch this tutorial video to explore how you can use TodaysMeet not only as a great motivational tool, but as a “hip” review game!

Vimeo & Keepvid
These two websites are extremely important if you plan on uploading videos! Vimeo is basically like a teacher friendly youtube that can host many videos from your desktop. Keepvid is a website that can convert youtube videos from the internet onto your desktop so you can download them into your vimeo account. I personally use both of these website daily!!!

Wordle & Tagxedo
Get creative with WORDS! These two websites are great with vocabulary development and weekly spelling words. Use Wordle and Tagxedo to enhance tough science, social studies, and math concepts! The kids will love it and so will you!!!

Create your own teacher blog!!! Use the instructional videos to learn how to make pages, posts, and links. Furthermore, quickly learn how to add backgrounds, headers, and add videos/pictures to your blog!

Clip Your Photos
Want to have FUN with your photos? Use this online resource! This is basically like the program PhotoBooth, but FREE and ONLINE!!!