“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Chinese Proverb

These words underscore the importance of a hands-on approach to science teaching. By actually doing and experiencing science, students develop their critical thinking skills as well as discover scientific concepts. This self discovery stays with students throughout their lifetimes! In Fourth Grade, we use hands-on science activities as much as possible to keep hands and minds active.

Activities, Links & Games for ALL Grade Levels

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Great Science Games
SOL Pass
Jefferson Lab
Activities for ALL Grade Levels

Interactive Quizzes
Jefferson Lab Quizzes
Virginia SOL Practice Test

Extreme Storms
Humongous Tsunami
Tsunami in Japan
Tsunami Caused by Earthquake
Tornado II

Weather Jeopardy
Weather Match up
Weather Instuments and Clouds Matching Game
Weather Instruments
Weather and Clouds Millionaire Game
Clouds and Storms
Weather and Clouds Rags to Riches Game
Weather Facts Rags to Riches Game
Air masses and Fronts
Great Weather Sites
Weather Review Games
Fun Weather Map Activity

Life Process
Plant Parts
Parts of a Flowering Plant
Plant Parts
Types of Plants
Parts of a Flower Battleship

Living System
Habitats and Adaptations 
Habitat Vocab
Energy Pyramids
Niches, Habitats and Ecosystems 1
Habitat Vocabulary

Force, Motion, & Energy
Energy Vocabulary Words
Static Electricity and Electric Currents
Electricity and Magnetism
Force, Motion, and Energy
Science SOL 4.2 — Friction and Inertia
Kinetic Energy Coaster
Energy Scientists

Earth Patterns, Cycles, & Change
Earth Cycles
Moon & Earth Game
Earth’s Tilt
Moon Phases

Steps in the Scientific Method
Steps in the Scientific Method

Ocean Games

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