Language Arts

The more students read, the more their reading skills improve and their vocabulary grows.  One way to motivate a student to read is to allow them to select their own reading material and topics they research. We incorporate independent reading time into our class so students can read selections that motivate them.

Use Spelling City to practice your spelling words. Great Site!

Spelling & Vocabulary: Games, Activities, & Practice Tests
1st Grade
2nd Grade

Kindergarten Word List 1 
Kindergarten Word List 2
Kindergarten Word List 3 

Decoding, sight words, spelling, comprehension, phonemics, and more
Punctuation Quiz
Grammar Review Games. Great site!


Over 100 Free Illustrated Children Books Online
National Geographic Kids– 37 non-fiction magazines for kids. Audio available and will read the words to the kids
Starfall Books– 42 themed books from Starfall

United for Literacy
Great Nature EBooks
Children’s Library