Blog update for the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 3

What are we learning?
Language Arts – ‘ed’ sound
Math – benchmark test, Addition/Subtraction/Estimation review
Social Studies – share projects, review Native Americans

Upcoming dates…
January 30th – Student Holiday
January 31st – Parent/teacher conferences for some families
February 1st/2nd – Math Benchmark Test
February 3rd – Math Test (addition, subtraction, estimating)
February 7th – Native American Indians Test (all 3 tribes)
February 10th – Cubs Night In

Weekly Blog Update – Jan. 23-27

What are we learning?
Language Arts – Verbs (action words)
Math – Addition/Subtraction review, begin Estimation
Social Studies – Native Americans:  Pueblo Tribe

Upcoming dates…
January 23rd – 24th:  Reading Benchmark Test (no need to study – just get a good night of sleep, eat breakfast, and be on time to school)
January 26th:  Quiz on the Pueblo Tribe
January 27th:  Native American Project is Due; Double Digit Addition and Subtraction Quiz; Half Day of School
January 30th:  Student Holiday – No School
February 1st – 2nd:  Math Benchmark Test
February 3rd:  Math Test (addition, subtraction, estimation)

Blog update for the week of Jan. 17-20

What are we learning?
Language Arts – non-fiction text features (table of contents, index, glossary, etc.)
Math – double digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping
Social Studies – Native Americans (Sioux/Lakota)

Upcoming dates…
1/16-1/27:  Spirit “Beauty” Weeks at these 4 locations: 100% Dapper, Couture Beauty Lounge, Luxury Nails, & Short Pump Threading
1/23-1/24:  Reading Benchmark Tests (paper/pencil)
1/27:  Native American Project Due

Important reminder…
If your child has not mastered their addition and subtraction facts to 20, they need to be practicing nightly.  Double digit addition and subtraction is very challenging for students if they do not know their basic facts.  Thanks for your assistance at home with this important skill!

Blog Update – week of January 2-6

Thank you for all of the holiday gifts.  I really appreciate you thinking of me during this busy time of year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break!  =)

What are we learning about?
Language Arts – adjectives; r-controlled vowels
Math – double digit addition/subtraction with/without regrouping
Social Studies – Native American Indians (starting with the Powhatan tribe)

Upcoming dates…
January 2nd:  school reopens
January 1st – 7th:  Papa John’s Dollars4Dough Fundraiser; use the code:  CTESCUBS
January 12th:  Heritage Night
January 16th:  MLK Holiday, school closed