Week of September 26 Updates!

Hi parents,

Please continue reviewing basic addition and subtraction facts with your children.  IXL is a wonderful tool to use as well as flashcards.  You can purchase flashcards at the dollar store.  It is also a good idea to time your child to see how many facts they can complete in a certain amount of time.  We are working on map skills in Social Studies focusing on Virginia and the U.S. Have your child discuss with you about what we have been learning on both maps. They should be studying their maps as there will most likely be a graded activity at the end of the week. Word study has begun and your child may have a different second grade teacher for word study.  Your child will go to that teacher on Monday to learn the sort and get their words, practice in their own classrooms Tuesday-Thursday and then return to their word study teacher on Friday for the assessment.  They should have brought home a copy of their words in the green folder today.  Please continue to send in Code of Conduct forms and the pink SIR forms.  Thanks so much!  Please let me know if you have any questions/concerns!

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