Upcoming Benchmark Testing

Reading part 1 will be on Tuesday, Feb. 2 and part 2 will be on Wednesday, Feb. 3.

Topics that are included:

Use knowledge of consonants, consonant blends and digraphs to decode and spell words, use knowledge of short vowel patterns to decode and spell words, sentence structure, synonyms and antonyms, make and confirm predictions in fiction, ask and answer questions about what is read in fiction, locate information to answer questions in a fictional passage, describe characters setting and important events in fiction and poetry, identify the main idea in fiction, preview the non-fiction selection using text features, make and confirm predictions about the main idea in non-fiction, use a table of contents, pictures, captions, and charts.

Math part 1 will be on Thursday, Feb. 4 and part 2 will be on Friday, Feb. 5.

Topics that are included:

Calendar, temperature, graphs, ordinal numbers, counting – even/odd, patterns, recall+/- facts, inverse relationships +/-, numerical sentences, equality, place value, rounding, comparing numbers, solving +/- problems, estimating and finding sums and differences, analyzing data.

Week of January 4-8, 2016

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a terrific Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your children are bringing home project information regarding our American Indian unit. So, be sure to review it with them tonight.  These will be due on Friday, January 29th.

Also, please send your child to school prepared to go outside each day regardless of the temperature.  They will want thick, winter coats, gloves, and hats to help them stay warm during our recess time.