Apr 10

Gifted Students: Scared of… Tests? Part 1

It is entirely possible, maybe even likely, that gifted students can suffer from test anxiety.

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Mar 13

Meaningful Busywork: Parsing the Oxymoron

Defining busywork as "relevant" or "useless" begins first with an understanding of its purpose, not how it feels as the person complete it.

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Feb 26

Encouraging Failure: Why Perfection Is Not Perfect

Recovery from failure is what encourages risk-taking. Recovering from failure encourages growth.

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Feb 12

A Different “Twice-Exceptional” Learner

The left-hemispheric processor enjoys school. The right hemispheric processor hangs around and hopes he catches on.

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Jan 29

The “Bright Child” vs. the “Gifted Learner”: What’s the Difference?

Though the child may sail through what the teacher offers, this doesn't mean he's gifted.

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Jan 14

All AP? Not for Me! Why Gifted Students Shouldn’t Take the Highest Level Classes

It's a question of what benefits the whole child--mind, body and soul--that needs to be considered at times like this.

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Jan 01

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Advocating for Your Gifted Child

You know your child best so don't hesitate to speak to his/her strengths--or look for ways to build on weaknesses.

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Dec 17

Identifying the Gifted: Trouble-Shooting 101

Many gifted students will only show their task commitment if the task is one they find intrinsically engaging.

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Dec 10

The Double-Edged Sword of Giftedness, Part 2: Affective Traits

Gifted students tend to be highly emotionally sensitive.

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