Communicating with Parents

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Interesting article on strategies to keep parents connected to their child’s education.



The above log and log suggestions are for use during parent/teacher conferences. The log is a graphic organizer where you write the student’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, and future support. The log suggestions describe how to incorporate it during conference time!


Suggestions for parent/teacher conference day/night.


Stay organized by using one sheet per child. Could be saved as a Word document and placed in folder on your laptop.


“Phrases and words to support your communication with parents.”


 Often, we tell students to study, and they think that means “looking over their notes”. What would happen if we shared with students and parents  strategies for studying? This powerpoint was created by former biology teacher, Cheryl Weening, and was used during a parent/student study skills session. It can be tweaked for your purposes.

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