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Dec 15

The Illustrious VHS English Department 2017-2018

Dec 08

2016-17 VHS New Hires

Jan 13

Teachers for Tomorrow

High school students who are thinking about becoming teachers can take a class called Teachers for Tomorrow. And if they attend Varina High School, they will be fortunate enough to have Christine Pedersen as their teacher. They will be in for a treat as they go on field trips to work with younger students as …

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Sep 08

New Teachers Develop Class Management Plans

“The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline. It is the lack of procedures and routines,” according to class management experts, Harry and Rosemary Wong. In their recent edition of the First Days Of School and their new book The Classroom Management Book, the Wongs discuss key components of managing a classroom with the …

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Sep 08

Varina High School New Hires

Welcome 2015-2016 New Hires!                                  

Feb 09

Co-Teaching Corner

So, there are two teachers in your classroom. How is a typical class run? One teaches and the other models on the board? One teaches and the other circulates to assist with class management and content as needed? Co-Teaching can take on multiple forms. Take a look at the document below. You may want to meet …

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Sep 22

New Blue Devil Teachers!

  Fun Fact about each new hire: First Row From the Left:  Johann Odom: Performed in band in 2 Super Bowls, President Reagan’s First Inauguration, and the 1981 Tournament of Roses Parade! Janet Steuart: Her daughter and she were in a YouTube video that has 2.6 million views! Amber Bebbs: In addition to teaching, she …

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Aug 20

Welcome New Blue Devil Teachers!

The logo for the 2014-2015 year at Varina High School is translated “We Over Me–No Excuses”. Varina currently has 11 new hires with one more on the way. Stay tuned for a picture and interesting fact about each!

Jun 02

Socratic Seminar Success

In my previous post, the stage was set for having a Socratic Seminar in Mrs. Ashley Walker’s English 9 Honors class. In preparation for a culminating seminar, Mrs. Walker began the session by dividing the class into 2 groups, having students number off, 1,2,1,2, etc. The 1’s sat in an inner circle, and the 2’s sat in …

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May 21

Setting the Stage for Socratic Seminar

“It felt weird at first, but once I started talking, it was fun to give my input. At first it was awkward, but it made me feel like I wasn’t in school, it was like I was having a normal conversation with someone.” So reflected Katelyn, a student in Ashley Walker’s 9th grade English class, after participating in her first …

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