Feb 09

Co-Teaching Corner

co-teachingSo, there are two teachers in your classroom. How is a typical class run? One teaches and the other models on the board? One teaches and the other circulates to assist with class management and content as needed? Co-Teaching can take on multiple forms. Take a look at the document below. You may want to meet with your co-teacher to discuss the various roles, see who feels comfortable with what, and what would best serve the students.


CoTeachingActivities  Meet with your co-teacher to discuss the roles on this document. You can jot down what one will do while the other is performing specific tasks. Then, scroll to the bottom of the document to see suggestions for what one teacher does while the other is doing something else!

Co-Teaching Video Examples Go to this Google Doc to read about and watch short video clips of math teachers Alyssa Higgins and Emily Mickelson co-teaching in a collaborative Geometry class.

How has co-teaching worked for you? What have you tried that may work for someone else?






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