Great Math Site

Khan Academy is a great math site if your child needs a little extra help with some of the math concepts we are learning in class.  The videos are awesome!





Math & Science Center

We had a great trip to the Math and Science Center!  Enjoy the pictures and some of the comments from the students!

“My favorite part was learning about stuff I didn’t know about!”  Kendal

“I liked it because I saw a snake-head fish.”  Matt

“My favorite thing was that there were so many cool sea things.”  Katy

“My favorite thing was that we got to learn about fish and watch them swim.”  Coop

“I got to see a baby hermit crab go out of it’s shell, how cool is that!”  Lameece

“I loved touching the creature in the tank that looked like a spider.”  Carly

“My favorite thing was touching the turtle.”  Landon

“My favorite part of the field trip was when we saw a lionfish and a real life flounder!”  Ryan M.