Monthly themes

Each month, we highlight a character trait for students to focus on.  Typically, they correlate to that month’s classroom lessons.  Teachers also look for students to show characteristics of the month’s theme to earn Pillar Points.  Students who earn six or more points each month will be recognized as Difference Makers.  They will be on the morning announcements, receive a certificate, and have their picture taken with the administrative team!

In addition to the monthly themes, we are introducing the new Henrico County Learner (HLP) Profile by highlighting each of the four pillars during the four marking periods of the year.  (Click on HLP to see the pillars and other information.)  You can find each month’s character trait theme highlighted on the bulletin board just outside the front office.  Check out the themes for each month for the 2018-2019 school year:

September – Responsibility

October – Respect

November – Committment

December – Cooperation

January – Kindness

February – Diversity

March – Initiative

April – Integrity

May – Perseverance

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