Social story for young and exceptional needs students

Good morning!  I would like to thank one of our Kindergarten teachers, Maggie Leonard, for an excellent resource she helped to develop.  The following social story might be helpful in talking to younger students and/or special needs students in helping to understand why we have to stay home during the school closure.  It has also been added to the COVID-19 resource page.  I miss everyone and hope you are finding ways to fill these days at home!

Stay At Home Social Story

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More helpful information


In light of the governor’s most recent announcement and what I am sure is increased anxiety for many families, I’m posting some additional resources on the COVID-19 tab.

As always, please reach out to us if you need any support or if kids just want to say hi.  We would love to hear from them!

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Mindfulness to help cope

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the new page I added with mindfulness information.  I will try to add to it periodically while we’re in distance learning mode.  Please send me anything you think I could add.  I hope it’s helpful!

Mindfulness resources

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Handling distance learning

Hi everyone!

While we gear up for being away from school for at least two weeks, we are adding some resources on this webpage for families to access if needed or desired.  Please check out the COVID-19 resources page up above (or click on the link) to find some information we have gathered for student mental health support.

We are still here through email contact if needed.  We hope everyone stays healthy and that we will be able to be back at school before too long.

Let us know how you’re doing!

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How is it March???

Are you as shocked as we always seem to be when we turn the calendar to March 1st?  One day closer to spring and the end of another school year and yet, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been in school for six months.  But here we are again!

March also means it’s time to focus on careers!  The highlight word for the month is initiative which is a good basis for thinking about jobs that our students may want to have when they grow up.  Our lessons in grades K-2 will focus on recognizing the many different careers out in the world.  Lessons in the upper grades start to gear more towards the personal interests of each student.  Of course, perhaps the most exciting part about our focus on careers is Career Day which will be held the morning of Friday, April 3rd.  If you are interested in presenting and haven’t already let Mrs. Ozmore more, please contact her as soon as possible so that you can be included in your child’s grade level.

If you want to explore careers more at home, there is a lot of information online.  We like, a very comprehensive website with helpful information and games for younger students to explore.  You can also simply start a conversation by talking with your child about what you wanted to be when you were their age.  Is that what you turned out to do for a career?  Did you think about a lot of different options?  Help them to understand that a large part of their education leads to future career paths but that the learning and opportunities don’t stop there.  Remember we are all working on our theme: Shine Today Change Tomorrow!

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