Last day of school!


School is out for summer!  This would usually be a day of excitement and activity around the halls of TES.  But hasn’t the school building already been quiet enough?  For long enough???

Certainly, we can say this school year (and probably next) ended up unprecedented and historically significant.  The future of how we do many things is possibly altered a bit.  I have heard from many of you the vast difference in how it has impacted our lives.  As we continue to deal with a global pandemic and slow changes from society closing down to opening back up, we now have the added tension of recent events dealing with social injustice.  If your family is feeling heartbroken, confused, worried, and/or angry, I hope you will find comfort in knowing that most likely, all your neighbors feel the same.  Your school family is struggling to cope with these emotions as well.  However, we will work through these times as we always have – TOGETHER – and with our children’s best interests in the forefront of our minds.  I have updated one of the pages on this website with more helpful information on handling all of the above.  Click on the link for Parent Resources here or on the tab above.

And although it may be quite the change from previous years, it still remains the last day of school!  I hope to see everyone this afternoon driving by and honking horns as we say goodbye to the school year and welcome in the summer months.  The environment of being at home with your family may not change much from what you’ve already been doing, but schoolwork and online meetings are taking a break for the summer.  Keep reading and practicing those math skills in as many fun and creative ways as you can.  Then, go play in the sunshine, breathe in fresh summer air, and have a fun time!

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It’s May!!!

Hi everyone!

It’s May already and, as usual, I can’t believe it!  But this year is even more unreal due to our current social distance and distance learning model of school.  I miss everyone’s smiling faces and the routine of our regular school life.  But I’m proud of our staff and our community for how we have all done our best to stay connected and learning in fun and interesting ways.

Mrs. Shala and I are working to stay connected as well.  We’re hearing that some families are looking for more resources and some are feeling overwhelmed.  This range of needs is completely normal and we want to remind you we are here if needed.  To help support everyone, we have a link on the TES Learn Anywhere link that you can access by clicking here.  Check out the information we are posting and please have your children consider sending us a response or just a message via a quick flip grid video.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us.  We’d love to hear from you!

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Social story for young and exceptional needs students

Good morning!  I would like to thank one of our Kindergarten teachers, Maggie Leonard, for an excellent resource she helped to develop.  The following social story might be helpful in talking to younger students and/or special needs students in helping to understand why we have to stay home during the school closure.  It has also been added to the COVID-19 resource page.  I miss everyone and hope you are finding ways to fill these days at home!

Stay At Home Social Story

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More helpful information


In light of the governor’s most recent announcement and what I am sure is increased anxiety for many families, I’m posting some additional resources on the COVID-19 tab.

As always, please reach out to us if you need any support or if kids just want to say hi.  We would love to hear from them!

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Mindfulness to help cope

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the new page I added with mindfulness information.  I will try to add to it periodically while we’re in distance learning mode.  Please send me anything you think I could add.  I hope it’s helpful!

Mindfulness resources

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