Pattern Stations

Today as a way to review repeating and growing patterns, students were able to practice what they had learned by playing games, demonstrating their knowledge with worksheets and blocks, and on the computer. They really enjoyed all the different ways they were able to work with patterns and challenge each other with patterns they created.


Math with Blocks

This week we did some practice with skip counting by two’s and continued practicing even vs. odd. Students were given a handful of blocks and had to sort the blocks into groups of two. Once sorted, I went around and had each student skip count their blocks for me and identify if they had an even or odd number or blocks. After completely this individually, students joined with their neighbor to skip count a larger number. Then we combined all the blocks at their table and their group had to work together to skip count all their blocks. Finally students joined another table and had to skip count their blocks which for most groups was over 100. They really enjoyed this activity.


Then later this week, we began discussing patterns. A kind of pattern was listed on the board and students were required to create this pattern using the blocks. Check out our ABC patterns below!

Skip Counting Stations

This week, we have been working on skip counting in new and creative ways. We spent two days at various stations playing games and completing sorts to show what we have learned. The students were given partners who were responsible for checking that they were completing the activity correctly!!!! The students really got into some of the games and competing with each other!

Enrichment Activities

I have added a tab at the top of this website with different enrichment activities you can do at home throughout the year. I will continue to update and add to this list as the year goes on. Sometimes I will put things that apply specifically to what we are learning about while others will be open-ended so you can adapt them how you wish to our units. These of course are not required activities but just something for those that want a little extra!

Partnering with Ordinal Numbers

This week we have been discussing ordinal numbers in math. We have been paying close attention to the words we use when putting things in order. Instead of 1, 2, 3 we say first, second, third all the way to twentieth. Today, students we given a bag of 40 blocks. They were asked to sit back to back with their partner. One partner was asked to make a line of blocks in whatever order they wished. They they had to communicate the order of their blocks using the correct vocabulary so their partner could create a matching line. Once finished they checked to see if they had listened correctly. Finally students quizzed each other on various positions (what color is in the 4th place). They did such an amazing job 🙂