Enrichment Activities

NEW: Skip Counting – see how many items you can find in your house that you can count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Then count to see how many you have (ex: shoes, nickels, dimes)

– Invent a board game, create a poster, or write a poem

– Write a journal entry as if YOU were a professional!  What would your job be like?  Be as creative as you can be.

– Create a pamphlet or brochure informing others about a book topic we are discussing in class or a book you read.

-Write a letter to the main character of the book you are reading.

– Pretend you are the main character of the book you are reading. Write the next chapter on your own before reading…. see if what you predict would happen is what actually happens.

– See how many words in your nightly reading follow your spelling skill pattern

– Write a book about your life to share with your teacher so she can learn all about you.

– Go onto portaportal and play one of the reading, math, science, or social studies games…. new games are being added each week.

– practice math facts with flash cards and xtra math.

– quiz your parents

– create a jeopardy game with questions on things being covered in class