Mystery Reader Mrs. Ross

Gavin’s mom, Mrs. Ross, came in today to be our 2nd mystery reader. The kids really get excited about this each time. Before arriving we discuss 5 clues that the mystery reader has shared with me and make predictions of who the reader is going to be. Mrs. Ross shared a story about a baby penguin determined to see what 1 million of something looks like. He’s able to find a group of 10 and a group of 100. With his mom’s help he’s able to find a group of a million by looking up at all the stars in the sky. It was such a cute book 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

Firefighter Program

What a fun program we had today with the Henrico Fire Department. They came and shared with us what to do if their is ever a fire in our house. So many of the students got to participate and do fun activities with the firemen like dancing with McGruff, demonstrating how to escape a fire with a goofy clown, and practicing “Stop, Drop, and Roll”. The kids really seemed to enjoy it.

Weather Tools

In our weather unit, we have been discussing 3 tools that are useful in predicting the weather: thermometer, wind vane, and rain gauge. Today we made a model for each tool. We had to wait a few days to use the rain gauge, but the kids really loved checking them out every day when we went to recess. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the thermometers, but the directions of all three tools are in their binders 🙂

Three Lakes Park Field Trip

We had our first 2nd grade field trip to Three Lakes Park and what a perfect day it was. The directors took us through 3 rotations. First, they read us a story on animal habitats and then allowed us to explore the nature center. Then, we were taken into the classroom where students had to research different habitats to answers questions. Finally, we were taken outside and went on a nature walk on the trails surrounding the lake where we were able to learn about some of the animals that live in the forest and see bat boxes. We also got to see lots of different turtles and birds. Afterward, we had a picnic lunch by the lake which was very relaxing. We ended our visit with some fun on the playground. It was a really great day!!!! Thank you to all those that were able to come along with us. Your help was greatly appreciated!

Mystery Reader: Kelly Potts

Today, we had our first mystery reader, Kelly Potts, who is the ESL teacher at our school. She really got into this, as she came with discussion questions for the kids to work on after listening to the story and had the kids having discussions with partners throughout the story. It was a great start to our mystery readers for this year 🙂 

Making Butter

We have been discussing how communities and family life differed in the past compared the the present. Today we worked together to churn butter kind of like they did in the past (we didn’t have a butter churn, but the process was the same). Then we compared butter from the past to butter from the present to see which one we liked better. The kids really got into this activity and found it so fascinating.