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Did you just get a Promethean board in your classroom? You’ve come to the right place for help! This website is full of great resources to get you started!

Here’s a quick troubleshooting guide for plugging up the equipment. There are two basic setup versions, so be sure you follow the right one.

Below are self-paced modules. Don’t  be scared to dive right in and get started!

MODULE 1 Getting Started This flipchart is designed to teach users: basic board care,  how to hook laptop to the board, calibrating the board, basics of the Activpen, proper storage of the pen, what to do if parts are missing or broken. (12/14)

MODULE 2 Navigating ActivInspire Learn the basics of the tool bar, how to customize your toolbar and how to navigate the seven browers: The Page Browser, Resource browser, Object Browser, Notes Browser, Property Browser, Action Browser and the Voting Browser. (12/14)

MODULE 3 Basic Skills This flipchart is designed to give users experience basic tools and the following features: grouping, labeling with captions, stacking,  drag and drop actions, drag a copy, inserting media, magic writing, technique, rubber stamp, rub and reveal,  inserting templates, desktop tools, groups and pulleys, restrictors,  desktop annotate, design and presentation modes, adding backgrounds, property browser and resource browser. (12/14)

MODULE 4 Building a Flipchart This module is designed to be facilitated during a face-to-face training. It may be used as a stand alone to guide teachers in building their first flipchart provided that teachers complete the Basic Skills Module first.

HCPS Promethean Beginner Training: Used for face-to-face training with HCPS trainers.


Many thanks to Judy Christopher for creating most of these resources! Please contact Garry Marshall for training needs or for any suggestions for this site.

Ecosystems Template

Check out this great Ecosystems Template created for students! ITRT, Suzanne Whitlow said her classes were SO excited to do research using this template and the Magic Ink tool! Click HERE to download the flipchart!

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HCPS Elementary Students Engaging in their Math Lesson with Virtual Responders!

Students in Mrs. Dawe’s fourth grade class at Glen Allen Elementary School were excited to be using ActivEngage as a part of their math lesson. ActivEngage virtual voting on the student laptops enabled all students to contribute to the lesson at the same time. Students were enjoying seeing their responses on the board as Mrs. …

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Summer Training Schedule

Come check out what the excitement is all about and discover why some folks can’t get enough of ActivInspire! HCPS teachers can check out the 2013 Summer Schedule for sessions and visit ERO to register!

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Be sure to check out these great elementary science resources!

 Kim Powell, Elementary Science Specialist for Henrico County Public Schools, is gathering resources for her teachers that she is calling STREAM: Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Check out her site at:

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