The Power of One Team is a mentoring program developed to help students connect to our school community.  It is organized and led by two co-coordinators who are teachers or staff at Pocahontas Middle School.  The co-coordinators for the 2015-16 school year will be Debbie Gilfillan, an English 6 teacher, and Rhonda Martella, our Teen Living and Electives teacher.

Power of One is developed through a county-wide initiative that is led by the Henrico HEROES mentoring program.  Henrico HEROES provides the co-coordinators with monthly training meetings, with resources and materials, and with general guidance.  Power of One has been working with Henrico HEROES to structure our mentoring program so that we can receive national certification.  If you haven’t checked out Henrico HEROES yet, please do so!  They do so much for our students.

Our Pocahontas POW Team mentoring program is defined as a program that pairs one student mentee with one teacher or staff mentor.  The mentee is placed in the mentor’s Friday Feature group to help make sure that they are able to check in with one another at least once a week.  Mentors and mentees are also encouraged to meet during school hours, such as during lunch, during study hall, or during homeroom, in order to catch up and touch base.  An extracurricular POW team activity is conducted after school about once a month.  Mentees and mentors stay after school to attend this activity meeting.  The POW Team also holds special field trips once or twice during the year that mentees may choose to attend.  All of our activities and all of the fun treats that we provide to students are funded through a grant made possible through the guidance of Henrico HEROES!

The Power of One Team mentoring program has been active at Pocahontas Middle School since 2011.  Several of our activities have become traditions, and you can read about them in our posts on this page.


If you have any questions about the Power of One Team program, please contact Debbie Gilfillan or Rhonda Martella at Pocahontas Middle School (804-364-0830).

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