Mar 14

We are looking forward to warm Spring weather! We have really packed a lot of learning in after the first of the year! The kids are amazing at telling time and counting money! We have loved learning about famous Americans such as Ben Franklin, George Washington, George Washington Carver, Abraham Lincoln, and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Please stock your child’s library with biographies about these people because they loved learning about them.  We are also learning about matter and force and motion.  We will be doing experiments with mixing and dissolving and how things move. We are also reading and writing a lot.  Please have your child write in a journal with good sentences.  Have them read appropriate leveled chapter books and any other good literature.  Introduce them to books you have read when you were little.  Read together ! Thank you for all your support! Love and peace to all!Spring 3

Feb 10

Winter3Hi everyone! We are doing so much stuff in first grade. In math, we are on fractions, time to the hour and half hour, and money. Please practice counting coins to strengthen your child’s knowledge. In social studies, we are learning about many important people. We are learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., Abe Lincoln, George Washington, George Washington Carver, Ben Franklin , and Eleanor Roosevelt. We have really increased our reading abilities. Everyone is reading some form of chapter books. They are reading many types of literature and writing many stories. We are excited to show our love this Valentines Day!!!

Nov 15

Fall 3Dear Parents and family, I wish all of you a restful and wonderful holiday! I hope it’s a time with family and friends. I am thankful to have your children in my classroom! Our field trip to Meadow Farm was awesome! The children learned about the past and present. I took pictures of the long ago to compare with today and the students knew right away what their comparisons would be to today. Think about historical books for gifts for the children. There are many books about important people and events on their levels. You can find them in chapter books as well as picture books. Trips over the holidays to historic sites around Virginia would be great and then they could keep a journal about their adventures. We are doing place value and estimation in the class. Goods and services and needs and wants are important subjects we cover soon too. Talk to them about being a consumer and why it is important to save money. Talk about giving contributions to others. Thank you for the can products bought in that will benefit the food bank.

Oct 10

FallHello! This month we will be discussing mammals focusing on bats. We will also talk about community helpers. We have a great resource on our library site called Pebblego that discusses many different jobs.  If anyone has materials about their job or would like to come talk to us about your job, please let me know.  Please be practicing math addition and subtraction facts. Please read every night. We are practicing making predictions and sequence in stories. We are working on writing good sentences. Have your child practice writing. Writing to family would give them practice and be fun for them to get mail. Thank you so much for the treasure chest items.  The children are loving them. Have a great month and we’re looking forward to trunk or treat at school.

Sep 24

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! I am so excited about my wonderful new class! It was so nice to meet so many new parents at Back to School Night. In class, we have been working on American symbols and plants such as apples. In math we have been reviewing shapes, number sense, and writing numbers and their names. Next we will review tally marks and calendar and begin simple addition and subtraction. In language arts, we are looking at patterns in words for spelling and new vocabulary. We are also reading a lot of materials. Please review all materials each night to help your child to be a strong student. Thank you for all of your support. Let me know if I can be a help to you at any time. Don’t forget our treasure box as well. Thank you and you are the best!!!!Fall

Nov 10

Winter3We are so excited about our progress in all areas of first grade. All of the students are working hard on their reading skills. Please continue to practice each night and read, read, read!! Please review math skills that come home as well as the science and social studies. Ask your child to add for you or skip count by 2, 5, and 10. Have them write sentences about their favorite things they do around their holidays. Keep a journal. A question for my children: What was the name of the ship the Pilgrims arrived to America on? Thank you for all you do and all of your support!! You are the best!!!!

Sep 20

Welcome back to school and especially to B2! We have had a great couple of weeks and look forward to many more. Please continue to practice the vocabulary and spelling and theme sheets when they come home. The newsletter is an invaluable tool for you with a wealth of information. Thank you for a great Back to School night. I loved meeting you and I so appreciate your support and kind words. Be looking for the Mystery Reader blog from Mrs. Owens. The children love to have you come in to the room and read. It will be Thursdays from 12:30-1 and please bring your books. Thank you, again, for everything and please keep in contact!! Love, Mrs. WatersFall 3

Oct 1

10-6-14  Hello All! I am so glad you are in my class! Please review vocabulary, spelling, and theme guides each night. This will help your child learn the material and do well in first grade! Thank you so much to all of our volunteers and readers. You are such a great support! Please know I appreciate you so very much!

Oct 14

Hello Everyone! We are learning so much! Please practice addition and subtraction. You could make flashcards to practice. Can you skip count? Show how you can count by 2 to 30, 5 to 100, and 10 to 100! Let me know how you do. Don’t forget to send in your pictures for the timeline. Show your parents how to add with the “smack-down” method. Count 1-100. Study your themes that come home. Please study vocabulary and spelling daily! Let me know what I can do for you and your student.Fall

Sep 16

Dear students and parents,

I am so glad you all are in my class! Please remember to come to lunch and read, if you are able, after lunch. Please bring your own books. Mrs. D’Cunha has graciously offered to do a mystery reader schedule for our class. A flyer has come home to sign up. Please bring your own books. Thank you for all of your help with things needed in the classroom. Thank you, Mrs. Porter, for copying for me. What a great help! Back to School night was great and I loved getting to talk to you. Please keep in touch and keep me informed of your child’s achievements or any needs. Boys and girls——tell your parents about the patriotic symbols you have learned about and what they stand for in our country. Also, tell them your continent, country, state, and city. What is the capital of Vriginia? Of the United States? What is the map key or legend, the map scale, and where do you find the directions north, south, east, and west on the map. Love to all, Mrs. WatersFall 3

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