Denim Drive

Presidents Week Fact:  Did you know that statistically, every American owns, on average, seven pairs of blue jeans but Abraham Lincoln NEVER owned a pair of blue jeans?  The reason why “Honest Abe” never owned a pair of blue jeans is because the birthday of blue jeans is believed to be May 20, 1873, the date when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss and Co. obtained a patent for blue jeans.  Did you also know that “The Park” won last year’s Henrico County Denim Drive?  We would like to retain our title and win this prestigious honor again this year. Now that you know the facts, please send in all of your discarded denim items (jeans, jumpers, skirts, hats, jackets, etc.) today.

100th Day of School!

Thursday, February 21 is the 100th Day of School.  Celebrate the day with a pizza or two from Papa John’s and help “The Park” get one step closer to winning $10,000 to enhance instruction. Anyone can celebrate the 100th Day of School.  Invite family and friends in the area to help celebrate as well with a pizza.  Go to or call (804) 747-7300 and remember to use the code SPES.  While you are enjoying your pizza, count how many days until June 14, 2019. 

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

This is it!  If you have been putting off making your Papa John’s order to help “The Park” win $10,000, the time it now!  This Thursday, May 31, is THE LAST day for the 2017-2018 school year competition.  If every family orders one pizza, we WILL win the $10,000.  Thank you to the families who have ordered multiple pizzas this year.  We are so close to grabbing the dough.  Please go to and use  the code SPES.  Remember, send in your receipt with your child’s name and teacher’s name for our school-wide drawing for SPES swag.  Also, there is a grade level competition for most orders for the month of May.  The time is now to order pizza!  Pizza! Pizza!