K.7 Plants and Animals

K.7 The student will investigate and understand basic needs and life processes of plants and animals. Key concepts include:
a) animals need adequate food, water, shelter, air, and space to survive;
b) plants need nutrients, water, air, light, and a place to grow to survive;
c) plants and animals change as they grow, have varied life cycles, and eventually die; and
d) offspring of plants and animals are similar but not identical to their parents or to one

Research Resources:

National Geographic Young Explorers – Seeds Grow
Plants & Animals in the Environment
Classifying Plants & Animals
Pumpkin Life Cycle
FOSS Web – Match Animal Baby to Parent
Animal Life Cycles (Frog, Butterfly, and Bird)
National Geographic Young Explorers
Portions of these on-line magazines discuss baby vs. adult animals and their life
cycle.    The list below details what animals you can find in each issue:
* Sea Turtles (Nov-Dec 2009)                                        * Polar Bear (Jan-Feb 2012)
* Lynx (Jan-Feb 2010)                                                   * Penguin (Nov-Dec 2007)
* Frog (March 2010)                                                      * Butterfly (April 2008)
* Humpback Whale (September 2010 & March 2009)   * Blue Jay (April 2008)
* Turkey (September 2010)                                            * Emu (April 2008)
* Grizzly Bear (Jan-Feb 2011)                                        * Robin (April 2008)
* Leopard (March 2011)                                                 * Tapir (October 2008)
* Dragonfly (April 2011)                                                  * Manatee (October 2008)
* Bald Eagle (Jan-Feb 2009)                                          * Woodpeckers (April 2009)
* Lemurs (March 2012)

Henrico 21 Lessons:
Spookly Goes to Kindergarten
All About Pumpkins
Pumpkin Harvest

Design Briefs:
LA2-Create a Caterpillar