K.4 Matter

K.4 The student will investigate and understand that the position, motion, and physical properties of an object can be described. Key concepts include:
a) colors of objects;
b) shapes and forms of objects;
c) textures and feel of objects;
d) relative sizes and weights of objects; and
e) relative positions and speed of objects.

Research Resources:
Harcourt – Shapes
BBC – Sorting & Using Materials
Sink Float Prediction Pixi

CCT Design Briefs:

Teacher Name: Kindergarten Grade Science CCTS
Sarah Arthur, Carolyn Lang, Corey McDonald, Sue McIntyre, Heather Lang

Suggested Research Materials:

Suggested Design Brief:

Students will work in teacher directed teams to grow crystals (two varieties–Borax and Alum). Students will observe the properties of matter throughout the crystal growing process and take note of the changes among the states of matter. Students will use the iPads to take pictures and videos of the process. Students will also complete an independent “rock report” using hands on materials. Another group can be reviewing the research books and important information marked by other groups.

Suggested Reflection Activity:

Story Kit book–students will create a page for each of the states of matter. They will label the state of matter, draw what they observed, and record their voice explaining their observations. Story Kit books will be shared with the class, and on the classroom blog.

Additional Comments:

This activity works best as a station activity. Pair up with another teacher or have a parent volunteer come in to assist. Review safety procedures with children regarding the hot water used in making the crystals.