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Retirement would not be complete without a part-time teaching job I absolutely LOVE! I'm working 2 days a week as the Gifted Resource Teacher at Jackson Davis Elementary and half a day a week as a mentor for Mentoring Mathematical Minds.

ProScope and Designing Hand Pollinators

I love the idea of using this tool as an initial investigation when we begin plants.  Then, we can follow-up with student responses on a Google Doc about what they learned about plants using the proscope.  Students can then “show what they know” using Glogster or Pixie to illustrate the parts of a flower.  They can research on the web sites located on the “Web Resources”.  On a follow-up lesson, in stations, students can work on building a model of a plant, making a hand pollinator, and working on “The Great Plant Escape” search to find the answers to the mysteries!  Use of a rubric to measure students’ success and understanding with the stations.