5.4 Matter

The student will investigate and understand that matter is anything that has mass, takes up space, and occurs as a solid, liquid, or gas. Key concepts include
a) atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds;
b) mixtures including solutions; and
c) the effect of heat on the states of matter.

Research Resources:
GoAnimate.com: ! by null

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BBC – Characteristics of Materials
BBC- Solids & Liquids
BBC- Gases All Around Us
BBC – Changing State
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BBC – Reversible & Irreversible Changes
Matter Particle Game

Solids, Liquids, & Gasses

Dissolving and Effects of Matter
Mixtures and Solutions Pixie
Element Groups on Periodic Table
Sheppard Software – Periodic Table

NOVA – Hunting the Elements (1 hour show)

Henrico 21 Lessons:
The Scientific Method Goes International

Design Briefs:

Cookie Mystery
Gum Drop Atoms
Mixtures and Solutions