4.7 Solar System

The student will investigate and understand the organization of the solar system. Key concepts include:
a) the planets in the solar system;
b) the order of the planets in the solar system; and
c) the relative sizes of the planets.

Research Resources:
National Geographic Young Explorers – Explore the Night Sky
BBC – Earth, Sun, & Moon
NASA – Go to the head of the Solar System
Gravity Launch
Scale of Solar System

NASA Jump to Jupiter

Solar System Beads

Learn about the Solar System with NASA (great research tool)

The Case of the Galactic Vacation

Henrico 21 Lesson Plans:
Solar System Books
Exploring Space
Out of this World Travel
Investigating Our Solar System
Greetings from Outer Space

Design Briefs:
Build an Approximate Model

CCT Suggested Design Briefs:

Teacher Name: 4th  Grade Science CCTS
Carson, Spivey

Research Materials:

The student will already be familiar with the content and characteristics of the planets found in our solar system.


Suggested Design Brief:

Design and construct a “being” that can live on one of the planets found in our solar system. Your “being” must be three dimensional, 30 cm or less, and contain one movable part.  It must show temperature of the planet, order from the sun, type of surface and atmosphere, and whether it is a gas or terrestrial planet.

Suggested Reflection Activity:

Students will present their “being” and explain how it will survive on the planets.  Other classmates will guess the home planet of their “being.”