2.4 Life Cycles

2.4 The student will investigate and understand that plants and animals undergo a series of orderly changes as they mature and grow. Key concepts include:
a) animal life cycles; and
b) plant life cycles.

Research Resources:
Growth Rings of Trees
Life Cycle Game
Life Cycle Movie
Life Cycle Butterfly
Life Cycle Game
Life Cycle of a Butterfly Promethean Flip Chart
FOSS Web – Life Cycles
Video – White Tailed Deer Movie
White-Tailed Deer.flipchart
Plant Parts
Label Plant Parts
More Plant Parts!
Foss Plant Parts

Henrico 21 Lessons:
Let Me Fly (Butterfly Life Cycle)

White Tailed Deer from VGIF

Design Briefs:
S2-Life Cycles

Teacher Name: 2nd Grade Science CCTS
Grade Level:
2.1 and 2.4
Suggested Research Materials:

Discovery Science entitled Three main parts of a plant.  E-book and reading passage entitled plants and their parts.  Students may also use the above research sites.

Suggested Design Brief:

Give the students construction paper, string, cotton, buttons, glue, straws, rolls from the paper towels.  Plants must have roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds / fruit.

Have the students build a plant that stands up on its own in a cup.  The students plants should demonstrate how plants grow and move toward the sun.

Suggested Reflection Activity:

Write about their plants.  Have the students take a picture of their plant and find a picture of plant on the internet.