Maybeury Is Diving Into STREAM

Maybeury Elementary is excited to kick off their STREAM lab this year! In order to gain a better understanding of STREAM, I worked with Jan Locher (1st grade teacher and STREAM teacher representative) to model a Design Brief while addressing all 4 areas of the TIP Chart.

A huge thank you to all of the teachers for actively and enthusiastically participating in the Ice Cream Transportation Design Challenge! I was so impressed by the wonderful discussions that were taking place throughout the planning, building, and reflection portions of the challenge. I put together this quick Animoto to showcase what took place in our training session.

Check out the videos that were captured on the iPads and added to the Dropbox from different teams. After you view the video, you can click “Leave a Reply” letting others know which product design you think the owner of Chitterchats should go with and why:
Reflection #1
Reflection #2
Reflection #3
Reflection #4

Check out the amazing design brief!

Thank you so much Karen Hues and Jan Locher for pulling this together for the teachers at Maybeury!