Mystery Matter

The students in Mrs. Waters first grade class at Springfield Park traveled to “The Cave” (their 21st Century Learning Lab) to experiment with matter.  Students in Mrs. McGrath’s class at Glen Lea conducted the same experiment in their classroom.  They were provided with 13 different substances and had to determine what the substance was by it’s properties. The students identified that state of matter (solid or liquid), conducted a test to determine if the matter dissolved or not, and then properly identified the color of the substance in order to determine the name of the mystery matter. Prior to testing, students had to make their prediction on the Mystery Matter Recording Sheet.

Students then used the iPad to scan this QR Code using the QR Code Reader App:

This QR Code quickly links the students to the Mystery Matter Website that I created in iWeb to use with this activity.

From here, I showed the students the video of salt dissolving (this is flash based & will not show on the iPad). Then the students clicked to go to the experiment. As they identified the mystery substance, they recorded it next to their prediction on the recording sheet. Check out some photos of the students experimenting.

Click Here for the lesson plan & supporting documents.