1.1 Scientific Investigation

1.1 The student will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning, logic, and the nature of science by planning and conducting investigations in which:
a) the senses are used to observe differences in physical properties;
b) observations are made from multiple positions to achieve a variety of perspectives and
are repeated to ensure accuracy;
c) objects or events are classified and arranged according to characteristics or properties;
d) simple tools are used to enhance observations;
e) length, mass, volume, and temperature are measured using nonstandard units;
f) inferences are made and conclusions are drawn about familiar objects and events;
g) a question is developed from one or more observations;
h) predictions are made based on patterns of observations;
i) observations and data are recorded, analyzed, and communicated orally and with simple
graphs, pictures, written statements, and numbers; and
j) simple investigations and experiments are conducted to answer questions.

Research Resources:
Sid the Science Kid – Pan Balance
Sid the Science Kid – Balance

Design Briefs:
M1-A Balancing Act
Building Mobiles
Do Different Colors Absorb Heat Better?