Planning for 16-17!

Elective Fair 2/4 in the TMS GYM. 6 to 8pm

Freeman Curriculum Fair:  2/4 at Freeman High School. 6 to 8pm

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The Patriot Post

Welcome to Patriot Post.

This is for the students of Tuckahoe Middle. Here is how it works.

Silence Hurts is for reporting information anonymously. It is designed to keep students safe from bullying, drugs, suicide, gangs, violence, and any other threat to student safety. It is not monitored in real-time. Your anonymous message will be sent to multiple administrators which will be viewed during school hours. If this matter involves the immediate risk of injury or is life-threatening, then you should call 911.

Patriot Suggestions is an opportunity to let The Patriot know what your ideas, observations and thoughts are about our school. They help it be a better place.

Ask the Patriot gives advice. The Patriot tries to answer your questions. If your entry makes sense for everyone, The Patriot will post it to the Ask the Patriot page on this website. Thanks for sharing.

Use the links at the top of this page.

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