Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse tonight

Tonight is the night for the Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse!  It starts at 10:33 PM and should be in full eclipse by midnight.  The Science Museum of Virginia will have telescopes set up on the lawn there.  I hope to see you there!

StEAM Night and Weather Videos

January 24 will be a big day here in room 23.  At 8:30 AM, we will present our weather forecasters from the planets videos to our parents.  Each video only lasts about 2 minutes, so this we wrap up at around 9:00 AM.

That evening is STEAM night here are Echo Lake.  Fourth grade is sponsoring the Mission to Mars egg drop challenge.  Using eggs as a stand-in for Mars landers, can you successfully land your rover on Mars without destroying all the delicate equipment!  The fun starts at 6:30 PM!

Important Dates in January including benchmarks

  • Jan. 21 – MLK Holiday
  • Jan. 28 – No school for students
  • January 29:  Part 1 of the Reading benchmark
  • January 30:  Part 2 of Reading benchmark
  • Math benchmarks will be in February

Apollo 8 Anniversary

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 launch to the moon!  We will begin our studies on manned space travel in January.  Here’s a great article about Apollo 8, the world famous picture “Earth Rise” by Bill Anders and how the space race was part of the Cold War!


Colonial Day

Parents:  Tomorrow is Colonial Day and we need each student to bring in either an orange or an apple for a craft!

Also, I have been asked to send you this website for classes at the Math Science Innovation Center.  They have Saturday programs in the late winter that are amazing and even bus transportation from Hungary Creek.  A flyer will come home on Wednesday, but the link to the classes is below:


Field Trip Wednesday

Dear Parents,

I have found out that our field trip on Wednesday will be mainly outside.  The weather forecast is for 42 and snow showers.  Please make sure your child is dressed to be outside for 2 hours in that weather.  In addition, we will be working in the dirt, so you may get home some muddy clothing!

Courtroom News

Thanks to all the parents who came to witness our trials!  For the first time ever, the weaver was acquitted!  Yesterday, Mr. McGregor was found not guilty of attempted murder of Peter Rabbit, but was found guilty of assault.   Mr. McGregor still maintains Peter Rabbit was a thief, and  he was just defending his property!  A special thanks to Mrs. Perini who served as our legal counsel during the trial and advised our legal team!

MSIC Permission Slip

Today, a permission slip is coming home for a trip to the Math/Science Innovation Center.  This trip will take place next Wednesday, and a signed permission trip form is required.  This is a school bus trip and no chaperones will be coming.  We will ride over to the center in a school bus with Mrs. Woodards’s class.

Insight has landed!

Insight landed perfectly on Mars today!

Green Form


Please remember to send in the green form that tells me who is picking up your child and how to contact them.  Please remember that the person picking up your child will need to be on your “Authorization to Pick-up” form.  We will be back by 4:15 at the latest, and we need to make sure we can contact parents who have not yet arrived!