Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

During the Fall of 2013, elementary school computers will be re-imaged.  The new image will include an upgrade to Microsoft Office 2011.

You will see newer versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook (your new email and electronic calendaring system).


Don’t panic!

These new versions of software function very similarly to the 2004 version that you are accustomed to.

Click on the link below to find materials that can be used to help make this transition easier.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Training Materials


Quick Reference Guides

Sometimes you just need a “quick reference” to get you started!

Click on the appropriate software package below to access information created by Custom Guide-Learn on Demand*


Microsoft Office 2003 (PC)

Access                                                                                  PowerPoint

Excel                                                                                     Publisher

Outlook                                                                                 Word

Microsoft Office 2004 (MAC)

Entourage                                                                          PowerPoint

Excel                                                                                    Word

Microsoft Office 2007 (PC)

Access                                                                                 Outlook

Excel                                                                                    PowerPoint

Office                                                                                    Publisher

OneNote                                                                              Word

Microsoft Office 2008 (MAC)

Entourage                                                                         PowerPoint

Excel                                                                                   Word

Microsoft Office 2010 (PC)

Access                                                                                Outlook

Excel                                                                                   PowerPoint

Office                                                                                   Publisher

OneNote                                                                             Word

Microsoft Office 2011 (MAC)

Excel                                                                                  PowerPoint

Outlook                                                                             Word


Acrobat 10



*(Office Quick Reference ©2010 CustomGuide)

Google Docs

What is Google Docs?


Google Docs is a free, web-based word processing, presentations and spreadsheets program. 

Unlike desktop software, Google Docs lets people create web-based documents, presentations and spreadsheets that anyone in the group can update from his/her own computer, even at the same time.

Instead of emailing around files and having to deal with the confusion and extra work involved in managing different file versions and manually aggregating input from others, anyone in the group can edit the document online from anywhere — all you need is a Web browser.

And, since your docs are all stored safely in Google’s servers, you don’t have to worry about losing data from a hard drive crash or nasty virus.*

 Learn how to use Google Docs by following one of these links:


Google Docs Coaching Materials:

Follow this link to access the materials that are distributed during the “Google Docs Coaching Sessions”:

*©2008 Google –

Henrico County Public Schools