About Elementary School Counselors

                                                       ABOUT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL COUNSELING

Classroom Counseling Lessons

Mr. Jones presents classroom guidance lessons monthly for grades K-5 that address the following: Trustworthiness, Fairness, Citizenship, Responsibility, Respect, Honesty and Bullying.

Small Group & Individual Counseling Sessions

Small Group and Individual Counseling is offered to students to support and enhance the development and personal and social skills and to support and promote academic success. Small groups provide not only additional social-emotional learning experiences but also allows the students a chance to belong, a chance to express themselves, and a chance to benefit from the support of group members.

counseling-page Why Would You Contact The School Counselor?

  • Issues with reported Bullying (Stopbullying.org)
  • Homeless or need of community resources (McKinney-Vento)
  • Gather effective strategies to communicate with child
  • Discuss special needs or accommodations of a child (504)
  • Want to make contributions for students (supplies, clothes, shoes, coats, etc.)
  • Want to participate in College & Career Week
  • Interested in the Back Pack Program (Feedmore.org)
  • Questions about Attendance & County Policy (click)
  • Need to be connected to local food banks/pantries
  • Concerns with student behavior and/or grades
  • Refer a child for small group or individual counseling
  • Homebound Services
  • Middle School transitions
  • Response to Intervention questions (RTI)
  • United Way questions (unitedway.org)


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