College Readiness Center (CRC)

What is the College Readiness Center?

The College Readiness Center is a program that is housed at L. Douglas Wilder Middle School and provides support to students from peers and adults. Services include extra academic support, advising, and enhanced parent communication. The center features curriculum and staff training that will address student preparedness and expectations through:

  • Providing a college-ready academic program that includes an instructional framework aligned to college-ready standards
  • Supporting enrollment in district college preparedness courses and HCPS Specialty Center programs
  • Exposing students to the college experience through college field trips and guest speakers.
  • Building individual student beliefs in high school and college success
  • Assisting students and parents in understanding issues of college affordability and financial aid

Performance-based assessment and a longer instructional school year (students will meet for six weeks in the summer) will drive increases in critical thinking and problem solving. This will lead to greater mastery of content and will position students for success in high school and college.

Who Can Apply?

Any student who is zoned to attend Wilder Middle School is invited to apply. In the program’s first year, it housed only 6th grade students. Seventh and Eighth grade students will be phased in during years 2 and 3 as students advance through the program. Ultimately, the program will include a total of 15 full-time staff to serve up to 300 students in grades 6-8.

How to Apply:

  • Applications are available at the Laburnum elementary school counseling office beginning December.
  • A parent information session will be held at Wilder in January.
  • Applications are due to the Laburnum Elementary school counselor the first Wednesday of February.
  • Jenny Hubler will hold student interviews at Laburnum Elementary beginning in March.
  • Families will be notified of their selection early in April.

Contact Jenny Hubler, CRC School Counselor for more information at (804)515-1105 or

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