Student Identification for Check-In/Check-Out (CICO)

Would Benefit from CICO

  • Exhibits frequent office referrals for repeated minor incidents
  • Exhibits difficulty staying on task (talking, sleeping, doodling,)
  • Is disruptive in class making it difficult for them and other to learn.
  • Needs motivation and support in completing work
  • Can be redirected to task, but has to be redirected often
  • Responds well to “positive” reinforcement;
  • Craves adult attention/support

Needs More Support

  • Exhibits extreme or severe problem behavior (physical fights, extreme non-compliance involving safety
  • Problem behavior occurs during only one academic period or lunch
  • Extremely indifferent to adult support or attention (: Whatever” and “I don’t care–you can’t do anything to me/for me”)