What has been going on in E-19?

We have had a great time in our room this week!  Our class got “BOO”ed this week by another class in our school.  The students were so excited to see our door decorated with a basket of sweet goodies for them to enjoy.


We synergized during one of our morning meetings this week to decorate our class pumpkin.  We made a sugar skull and I think he turned out quite nicely.  We enjoyed decorating the pumpkin together, and I am proud of how the students worked together.  It was great to see our pumpkin lined up with all the other pumpkins at the Hallolympics on Friday night.


On Thursday, our class got to participate in a virtual lesson from the Math Science and Innovation Center.  Our lesson was called “Spooktacular” and it was surely spooktacular! The students were able to make observations about bats.  We got to discuss their physical and behavioral adaptations, use mathematical tools to measure our bats, and discuss our findings with other classes over central Virginia.  It was so much fun, and the kids really enjoyed it!

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