Scholastic Book Clubs

This year, we will be using Scholastic Book Clubs to build our literacy and our love for reading.  Scholastic allows your child to get new books to foster a love of reading.  Not only is it beneficial for your child, it helps me build our classroom library with a variety of new reads.

To order:

1- Visit

2- Click on “Add Your Child”

3- Complete the information about your child and be sure to enter in our 5-digit code: H7P32

4- Select the books you want from the various catalogs and place your order.

5- The order will be sent to me at school where I will distribute the books to your child.

Easy Peasy!  Thank you for your support and fostering a love of reading in our classroom.

The First Week of School

Hooray!  We made it through our first week of school and what a great week it was.  We enjoyed getting to know each other by setting up our classroom rules, talking about our expectations of each other, and getting into our daily routines.  Thank you so much to you parents, for returning important papers, opening the lines of communication, and helping your child through the first week.

We began our 3rd grade adventures by reviewing pictographs in math, and moved on to bar graphs.  We will have an assessment in graphing (SOL 3.17) later on this week.  In social studies, we had several discussions about rules and laws, and why they are important.  Our discussions will continue this week to include government, Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

I am looking forward to another great week of school.  We will continue to explore our new adventures together in 3rd grade.

Mrs. Ficor