Mar 16

16 March 2018


“Almost” Spring Greetings Everyone,

(Now it needs to start feeling like spring!!!!)


We had a fun celebration of St. Patrick’s Day today!  We read a short story, “Have You Seen My Pot of Gold?”, which we turned into a play and everyone got to be a character in our play.  Be sure to ask your child which character he/she got to be!  We may have a budding actor or actress among usJ  We also graphed some “magically delicious” marshmallows.  We read “The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day” and made some very clever leprechaun traps before leaving school today.  We are all anxious to see what is in our traps when we return to school on Monday!   I suppose we’ll find out who is more clever, leprechauns or kindergartnersJ  We wrote about our traps and will write about them again on Monday once we see what has happened over the weekend.  There was lots of green in room #108 today so there was NO pinching going onJ


Earlier this week we worked with our second digraph, ch.  We heard a wonderful story titled, “A Chair for my Mother”.  I hope you ask your child about it.  Several of our work jobs involved chicks.  We made a chick riddle and also went on an egg hunt here in the room for eggs with ch words written on them.  Next week, digraph th.


We conducted a fun science experiment this week to determine the difference between a living and non-living thing.  The non-living object was a rock.  Be sure to ask your child what the living object was!  There were LOTS of squeals as I was placing them on the kid’s tables!!!!  We then ate one but determined it was of the non-living kind before doing so.  Ask your child!!!!!!!!!


In math we worked with the number before and the number after.  The kids have a great grasp of this concept and we took it even farther working with the number two or three more and two or three less.  Next week we will begin our unit on money.  We will begin with the penny and move onto the larger coins from there.


Hopefully next week will begin to feel a little more spring-like as we are going to begin investigating our wonderful new season!


I have gotten in about half of the field trip permissions slips.  If you have not returned your child’s please do so next week.  Remember, I need both the money and the signed permission slip at the same time.  Thank you so much for giving that your attention!  Chaperones will be picked next Friday.


Gowri was our shining star this week.  We had so much fun with her this week!!!  In case you are not aware, she has an identical, and I mean identical!, twin sister in Mrs. Cunningham’s class.  I got her to pay us a visit and asked the class to guess which one was which.  It was so much fun seeing them side-by-side!  Most of the class could tell which one was Gowri but when she was sharing pictures of her and her sister we didn’t do quite as well picking out the “real” Gowri!   Both Gowri and her sister were great sports as we had fun with them this weekJ  Gowri read us a fun Llama Llama book on Wednesday and her mom came in and read us another one today!  Next week we will be celebrating Siddharth!


As we roll into our second half of March we are certainly on a roll here in room #108.  The amount of reading & writing going on in here is phenomenal!  This class certainly appears to have a love of reading which is so wonderful to see, and hear!!  They are all growing up, both socially and academically, whether we want them to or not!  Sometimes I wish they would slow down a bit and I know you feel the same way!!!!!!!  I remember watching my own two boys grow up.  It happens way too fastL


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  March madness will be filling some of my weekend.  GO HOOS!!  So sorry if you are growing weary of my love of UVA!!!


I don’t normally give weekend homework but everyone  (this includes you parents as well!) does have a bit of weekend homework…..





*Smile for the week:


“I’ve learned that the easiest way to find happiness is to quit complaining.”


“Live and Learn and Pass It On”



Until next time,


Nanci Child





Mar 9

9 March 2018


Dear Parents,


We heard a LOT of shhhhhhhhhh in the classroom this week!  Not because I was trying to get the class quiet but because we worked with the digraph sh.  We have talked about this letter combination all year so the class already had a good grasp on this concept.  Next week we will tackle a new digraph, ch.


We completed our unit on measurement this week.  We worked on telling time to the hour.  I hope everyone has a good time with the clock placemat your child is bringing home today.  Your child should be able to tell you time to the hour remembering to always say “o’clock” after the number.  We also worked on the concept of a.m. and p.m. and what we do at different times during the day.  Being able to identify the hour and minute hand is also something your child should be able to do at this time.  Speaking of telling time, don’t forget to “spring” your clocks ahead this weekendJ  We don’t want anyone an hour late for school on Monday!


We also wrapped up our unit on magnets this week.  Your child should be able to tell you that a magnet has 2 poles, north and south, and which 2 poles attract.  Your child should also be able to use the terminology of attract and repel.  The children always love this unit and have asked that I leave some of the magnets out so they can have a magnet center to choose from when we are fortunate enough to have some center time.


Sloka was a wonderful star of the week for us this week.  Everyone enjoyed when she brought in her princess and shared her with us.  Having her dad come to read to us on Friday was a treat also!  Gowri is going to let us get to know her a little better next weekJ


We will be having fun looking for, and trying to catch, a little green man next FridayJ  I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about that!  Since St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday so we will be celebrating it the day before which is next Friday.  Please help your child remember to wear some green to school!


As your child works his/her way through our monthly homework please don’t let your child rush through it or work ahead if there are dates on it.  We want the children to get in the habit of taking their time on homework and always doing their best.  This will become even more important next year as more homework will be assigned to your child.


As the weather warms up (or maybe I should say IF the weather warms up) I know the clothing we wear changes.  Please remember our dress code here at school.  Our room (and the lunchroom) tends to be a little chilly so a sweater or light jacket is always a good idea for your child to have.  We are on the playground every day and any open toe shoe is not a good idea.  They simply are not safe for playing on the playground.  Thanks so much for your help with that.  I’m just trying to keep everyone safe and comfortableJ


I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I will be cheering the Hoos onto victory this evening, hopefully!!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that the chance of snow that I’ve heard mention of does not materialize for the morning as I am running 8 miles!  It sounds as if there is a better chance of snow Sunday into Monday so please check computers, phones, tv’s, Monday morning if it is snowing for the latest school opening/closing information.


As much as we miss our friends when they are out sick I do appreciate you keeping your child at home when he/she does not feel well.  So far I am only aware of a couple of cases of flu in our class and would love to keep it at that.  If you are not sure whether to send your child to school or not please remember it is better to be safe than sorry.  If your child has been sick he/she must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school.  Thank you so much for your help with this.  We ALL appreciate it!!!!!!!!!


Don’t forget to “spring” ahead this weekend!!

(even though it is going to feel like winter!)


*Smile of the week:


“Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, cry and…

you have to blow your nose.”


First grade student

Mar 2

2 March 2018


It’s Friday!!


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!  We’ve heard that a lot this week as we’ve surrounded ourselves with Dr. Seuss books and activities.  Everyone did a great job “dressing” each day.  We’ve had fun this week with lots of different Seuss themed activities.  In case you haven’t heard, the children had a guest reader each morning to enjoy a Dr. Seuss book withJ  Be sure to ask your child which book each reader shared with them.  Individual fish books were made as a spin off from “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”.  Our parade was a big hit as the kids got to show off their Seuss character costumes.  We had a lot of Cat in the Hat characters, many Thing 1 & Thing 2’s, even a Trouble 3, and a GREAT BIG star bellied Sneech!  We got to parade through the school and strut our stuff!!  Dr. Seuss week is always a fun week for the kids and this year was no exception!  Many thanks for all of your help with this week from homeJ


We will get back into a more normal routine next week as we begin working with the sh digraph.  We have talked about the sound s & h make when put together but next week we will be taking an even closer look.


We will continue our investigation of magnets next week.  We will also finish up our unit on measurement as we work on different ways to measure time includinga telling time to the hour.  Another busy week awaits us!


Kabir was our shining star this week and did a great job.  He brought in a really cute book titled “Stuck”.  Ask your child about it and see how many items they can remember that got stuck in the tree!  Our star next week will be Sloka and we are all looking forward to that!


You may be hearing your child speak about Ms. Lake spending time with us in our classroom.  She is a Deep Run student and is enrolled in a class for students with an interest in becoming a teacher.  She comes from the high school and spends 2 hours with us each Tuesday & Thursday morning.  This was her second week with us and the children really seem to enjoy having her in our class.  She is actually a former kindergarten student of mine so it has been fun catching up with her!!!!!!!!


Your child will be bringing home his/her interim for the third marking period next week.  Please look for this in your child’s folder and look this over. Remember, this is based on only half of the grades that will impact the final report for the third marking period.   I cannot believe our third marking period is half over!!!  Somebody please slow this year downL  We will be turning our clocks up in another week or so and then ushering in spring the week after that.  Spring break will be here before we know it!!



I think that covers this past week and gives you a glimpse of our week to come.  I plan on heading to Charlottesville on Saturday to see UVA play their final home basketball game.  Hopefully they’ll finish at home with a win.  This has been an exciting season to watch them!  Sure hope they can keep up their winning streak during tournament time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone have a great weekend!!  Sounds like it is going to be a “lion” of a weekend.  Ask your child what that means!!!


Please help your child remember NO boots on Thursday due to P.E. and to bring in library books on Wednesday every week.  ThanksJ



*Smile for the week:


“Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened”!


Dr. Seuss


Until next time…


Nanci Child