This Week…

Great job on your SCA speeches!

Wow! I can’t believe we are in our final weeks of 4th grade! Please keep in mind the following items:

  • Fire Safety books should live in your child’s book bag until this Friday!
  • ITO event is Thursday June 7th. Feel free to send items early. If you haven’t signed up yet, here is the link:
  • Friday is Field Day!!! Please check the email I sent you regarding new safety procedures for attendance!
  • Next week is the start of “Camp Karkosak” !!!!!!!! More information to follow. I will need to borrow pop up kids play tents. If you have one we can borrow until June 14th, please send with your child. Here is a sample:



Upcoming News….

OUR SOL’S ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

You should be so proud of your child and the efforts they put forth on their SOL tests. Scores will arrive during the summer via the mail.

  • Papa John’s pizza party will be held on Friday, June 1st.  Pizza and caffeine free soda will be provided.
  • We will be having an “Ito Event”  on Thursday, June 7th to celebrate the end of testing ! Please check out the sign up genius below to contribute. I have also included items needed for Camp Karkosak!
  • Field Day is June 8th!
  • BOOK CELEBRATION June 12th! We need volunteers!
  • We will be spending a unit on the fifty states next week! Talk about the states and capitals at home and check out some maps. Point out states they have visited and identify their location relative to Virginia.




Dear Parents,


We can’t believe it is May already!  As we come into the final weeks of school, we ask that you work especially hard with us in keeping our children ready and focused for learning.  Please assist by avoiding tardies and early dismissals.  This not only disrupts your child’s learning, but also the learning environment of everyone in the classroom.


If you need to pick your child up for an afterschool appointment, we ask, if at all possible, if we can simply have the child come to the office at the first dismissal bell, rather than interrupting to get them from a classroom, resource, or recess.


Thanks for your partnership!


Next Week

Monday is our social studies SOL test. Please ensure this weekend that your child has time to rest and recharge, as well as review their study guide for the test. They will need a restful night’s sleep, and a healthy breakfast Monday morning. Give them an edge by providing a calm, routine morning for them. Most importantly, encourage them to do their best and be confident. These tests can be stressful on our kiddos. We want them to succeed, but we don’t want them to be anxious in the process


Get Ready…

Whew! Time is flying and the SOLs are upon us! For this reason we will change our routine a bit…

  1. No spelling tests this week
  2. This Thursday and Friday are our Reading tests. Please ensure your child has a good night’s sleep as well as a healthy breakfast and normal AM routine.
  3. Monday the 14th is our SS SOL test, students have been given a blue review book to assist in preparing for this test. The book will be completed primarily in class, however if a students wants to work on it at home they can. Please ensure blue books are returned daily! A participation grade will be given to students that complete the blue review book by the due date of Tuesday the 16th of May.


Living Museum Highlights


Spring Forward!

Last week was a rush of activity…Squirrel’s game, MAps testing etc. Please don’t forget those make-up spelling tests on Monday for some of our friends. Our class did a phenomenal job on their reading MAPs tests. Everyone arrived  calm and ready to test. Let’s go for a “double”! Thursday is the math MAPs assessment! Remember Wednesday night to get your child to bed on time, eat breakfast, and have a calm morning with a typical routine.  Thank you for your help with preparing for testing! You will be happily surprised with some awesome reading scores, and hopefully math too! If you want additional practice, see the math maps homework links located on Mrs. Fisher’s blog (which is linked on my main page). I will be giving your child their math fall scores and target score for spring tomorrow.

This week is jam packed:

Tuesday: Field trip to the Virginia Historical Society  (10:00-1:15) (Don’t forget to pack a lunch and snack)!

Thursday: Math MAPs testing

Friday: SS test on VS.9/ complete Living Museum book report

Monday: 8:30 am Living Museum presentations (Plan to stop by for a few if you can)



“Spring Has Sprung…”

I hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break! We are entering the testing window for MAPs, and SOLs will come shortly afterwards. Please help your child prepare by using the practice MAPs sites bookmarked on this site. Keep in mind that students reading above at higher levels may encounter texts with content designed for older students. Be sure to always monitor what your child is reading from the MAPs review sites. Starting tomorrow your child will bring home a copy of their MAPs review sheet in their folders. They can use their numbers to guide their reading review. We will be discussing setting and achieving personal goals beginning tomorrow. We want to encourage students to do their best on these test, without stressing them out in the process. Please ensure on the nights prior to testing to assist with a good night’s sleep, and the day of a stress free morning with a healthy breakfast.  These steps will help to ensure your child is relaxed, prepared, and confident to do their best work. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Please mark the following dates on your calendars:

  • Reading MAPs test Wednesday 4/18/18
  • Math MAPs test Thursday 4/26/18
  • Living Museum 4/30/18  from 8:30-9:30 more information to follow, parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Upcoming week…

  • Spring break is next week!
  • Thank-you for all of your support with the Papa John’s fundraiser night!
  • Don’t forget to donate canned/dry goods to the SCA’s food drive!
  • Upcoming Studies:

Reading: drawing conclusions in nonfiction/ assessment Thursday

LA: Focus on using quotations/ spelling test Friday

Math: Time

S.S.: modern VA and civil rights

Science: animals

Check out our pictures from the Tredegar field trip:


Happy Valentines Day

Don’t forget it is “Bring Your Family to School Week”! Join us from 11:55-12:25 for lunch, or come play a game of kickball. The daily recess schedule was posted last week. See important reminders below:

Math: fractions, benchmark tests are scheduled for next Monday & Tuesday.

Reading: Author’s purpose in fiction, focus on context clues to decode words

Language Arts: Spelling test every Friday! Ask your child to show you their words in their Word Study notebooks! This will be very Friday going forward!

S.S. : Civil War



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