Upcoming Information…

We had a great week learning about Ancient Rome. This week we have shifted gears to a science unit on cycles in nature. Our students are still completing their first expository writing research papers on our ancient cultures. We also have an open note test tomorrow on ancient Greece and Rome. SS notebooks will come home this evening to review our notes. Benchmark tests are quickly approaching. Homework will be adjusted this week to allow students to prepare. A math benchmark review packet was handed out today, and it is due on Wednesday the 22nd of January. Students will work on this packet each evening instead of worksheet Wednesday and the reading log. I will allow time in class to complete the Reflex math this week and next week. See below for important dates and upcoming studies. Also, this Wednesday is the PTA sponsored Bingo night. Bring the kids and win some cool prizes!

We will be taking semester benchmarks in the near future. Each subject, math and reading, will be taken over a two day period. We will take Reading first on Jan 29-30 and Math on Feb. 5-6. We will be doing a lot of review between now and then. If you want to help your child get ready for their math benchmark, I will be sending home some review packets, but we also have a bunch of review games on Schoology for each subject that has been taught. It is in the math section. Your child should know how to get there. You can also get on reflex math or Zearn.

Reading: Benchmark Review/Research Writing

Math: Time

Science: Animal and Plant life cycles

English: Clarify the meaning of unknown words/ homophones

Writing: Using a variety of pre-writing strategies

Spelling test on Friday! Be sure to review the homophone list and know the meaning and specific spelling for each meaning. We will also review this information in class!



Welcome Back!

It’s a new year and the second half of third grade is approaching. Pleaase make sure your kiddos have their red folders to return tomorrow. It also helps to check in with them regarding supplies. Are their headphones or whiteboards broken ? Do they need a new notebook? We still have plenty of glue sticks, highlighters, paper, and expo markers for the year. We will concentrate this week on completing missing work from December. We had several students out for flu, colds etc. Spelling will also resume this week as well as weekly homework. Have a great start to your week!

Reading: Homophones

Math: Temperature

Social Studies: Ancient Rome

English: Clarify the meaning of unknown words

Writing: Using a variety of pre-writing strategies/ expository writing

The Countdown Begins!

We are on the home stretch to winter break! We finished up our liquid measurement unit on Friday. The kids really enjoyed our hands on measurement stations!

We will complete our retest on Monday. There are no spelling words this week. Spelling will resume after the break. This week will be a flurry of fun and learning! We hope you can join us for some of the upcoming activities. Have a great week!


December 20th: 

  •  Jingle Bell Run: K-2 8:30; 3-5 9:00.
  • Assembly 10:00
  • 1-2pm Classroom Winter Parties

See below for upcoming studies:

Math: perimeter and area

Reading: Theme/ main idea

SS: Ancient Greece

English: homophones

Writing: research and informational writing



Weekly Update…

We returned from our break, and jumped right into learning! We began a science unit on the interdependence of plants, animals, and humans in our ecosystems and the impact we have on those systems. In math, we practiced linear measurement with inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and meters. This upcoming week will focus on volume and capacity. This math unit lends itself well to real world practice. As you begin your holiday baking, invite your kiddos to help measure with you! The next two weeks will be a blur of activities, but in the rush don’t forget to check-in on your child’s grades on Powerschool. There is a link on this page. We are at the interim for the second quarter. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions and concerns regarding grades.


 12/9  Monday is a half day!

December 20th: 

  •  Jingle Bell Run: K-2 8:30; 3-5 9:00.
  • Assembly 10:00
  • 1-2pm Classroom Winter Parties


See below for upcoming studies:

Math: liquid measurment

Reading: Theme

Science: Interdependency in the environment

English: homophones

Writing: research and informational writing



Giving Thanks!

We are cruising into our Thanksgiving break! As we prepare for the joy and stress of the holidays, I want to express how thankful I am to work with your children everyday. Gayton is an amazing  school, supported by awesome families. Your support is appreciated, and it shows in the success of your children. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family and love!

Last week had some highlights beyond mummifying apples in our study of ancient Egypt. Our class won as the highest fundraiser for the Pennies for Patients campaign! A special thank  you to Bryant, who went above and beyond with his fundraising efforts! Our class will receive the Olive Garden pasta lunch. More information to follow…

Audrey and Peyton won the character quality award for the month of October!  Peyton also won the class spelling bee! He will be heading to the school level next. We wish him luck!

Lastly, our class has earned an ice cream sundae party! They did this by earning compliments from adults,other than myself, in the building. This will be happen on Tuesday before break.


-Tuesday we will have a test on multiplication and division. Students brought their notebooks home on Friday to prepare and will on Monday as well.

-No homework next week!

-Spelling resumes after the break

Upcoming Studies:

Math: multiplication and division

S.S.: Ancient Egypt and China

Reading: questioning

English: possesive nouns



This Week…

Last week started with our Veteran’s Day performance! Our students enjoyed writing letters and watching a Nearpod about Veteran’s Day. We began learning our multiplication facts (0,1, 2, 5, 10), and this week it’s on to division! Remember students are now earning 2 green lights week. One green light will be completed in the classroom, and another at home!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner…

Upcoming Studies:

Math: Division

Reading: Questioning/ prefixes and suffixes

Social Studies: Ancient China/ Egypt

English: possessive nouns

Weekly Update…

We had an exciting week of working on many projects! We wrapped up our estimation math projects, which included board games and Google slide shows. Look forward to these coming home soon. The kiddos also completed their Google Tourbuilder presentations. These presentations allowed students to travel and “drop-in” virtually on the continents we’ve been studying in social studies. We are currently undertaking a building challenge, where students will design and test a function machine,crafted out of recycled materials, for their math equations. Tomorrow we will honor Veteran’s by writing letters to a a veteran or an active service member. Students will receive their new spelling words, and will be tested on Friday. We are beginning multiplication this week! You will notice students now have multiplication facts on Reflex. I am now asking students to gain two green lights a week. One at school and one at home. Students will be held accountable for homework this marking period.  I will reach out via email if they are missing assignments.  

Upcoming Studies:

Math: Multiplication represented 4 ways, facts 0,1,2,5,10

Social Studies: Ancient China  and Egypt

English: Posseive Nouns

Reading: Suffixes/Prefixes, continuing questioning in fiction

Upcoming Weeks…

We had so much fun this week dressing up as book characters. I was impressed with the variety of costumes we had in our class!  We also beacme “experts” on continents and reviewed adding and subtracting larger numbers!



-Evening conferences on Monday

-No school on Tuesday/ Grab your kiddos and take them to vote! We learned about civic duties in September, and voting with your kids is a great way to teach them early!

– We need small boxes (cereal, shoe etc.), empty papertowel and toilet paper rolls, as well as small plastic bottles. Please send any and all with your child throughout this week. We will be using these materials to create function machines in math on Thursday.

-Upcoming studies:

Reading: author’s purpose, questioning in nonfiction/ Reading Assessment on Friday

Math: patterns

Social Studies: Ancient China

English: commas in a series/ writing persuasive paragraphs/ Spelling test on Friday (new words are given out on Monday’s, check your child’s reading notebook)






This Week….

We have had a great week full of learning and smiles! Our class did an amazing job with our fundraising efforts for Pennies for Patients! One of the highlights of the experience was duct taping Dr. E to the wall on Friday! We will find on Monday out how much we raised…

This week our study of Geography has taken us around the world. We have played Continental Twister:

Modeled the Equator, Prime Meridian, and hemispheres on balloons:

Finally, we wrapped up the week by spinning our wheel of fun! It landed on “feet up”, so we kicked up our feet and finished our classwork!

Important Reminders:

  • Monday is a half day!
  • 10/31 Students can wear book character costumes to school. No props, weapons, or masks please! No homework on Halloween!

Upcoming Studies:

Math: adding and subtracting larger numbers with regrouping

Reading: narrative elements of fiction/ 

English: using commas in a series/ Spelling test on Thursday! 

SS: Geography / Open note quiz on Continents and oceans


This Week…

Thank you again for your support of our Pennies for Patients fundraiser! Fundraising efforts will continue through October 25th. Let’s keep the momentum going strong!

I appreciated you taking the time to complete my homework survey. The results are in, and 70% of you are happy with the level of homework!  I am making a few changes  based on your feedback:

  • Worksheet Wednesday was overall a hit, with the exception of a couple people, however many of you requested me to vary the subject of the sheets. Therefore, I will change it up here and there with reading, ss, science, and English.
  • For those of you that replied requesting more homework, I would suggest that you can have your child bring their notebooks home for review of vocabulary etc., you can challenge your child to achieve additional green lights on reflex math, additional reading time, and lengthier responses to what they’ve read. These reading responses can be looked at for grammar mechanics or composition.
  • I will also provide more advance notice regarding tests per your requests. Remember to check the Schoology homework page for testing updates.

I will send the link school for fall conference sign-up tomorrow after school. You can sign up to meet in person or specify if you’d prefer a phone conference. Keep an eye out for the sign-up link tomorrow via email!

Upcoming Studies:

Math:estimating and solving multi-step word problems. Projected test date is Friday 10/25.

SS: geography of the continents, relative location, maps, cardinal directions

Reading: Elements of fiction (character, problem& solution, setting), author’s purpose

English: commas in a series, descriptive expository writing, writing your first and last name in cursive