Nov 09

SpellingCity and Edmodo (Day 1)

Today was the first day that we took out word study tests on the computer using SpellingCity (thanks Mr. Hart and Springfield Park Elementary for the idea!).  Everyone really enjoyed using their computer for their word study tests.  Not only is it more fun to use the computer, but all of the students can go at their own speed.  If one student needs to hear a certain word a few times, they can simply click a button and the computer will read the word to them again.  This also saves me from calling out 4 different word lists at the same time, which can be confusing for everybody!


After the students took their word study tests they posted their thoughts on our Edmodo page.  Edmodo is a type of private social network designed for use in the classroom.  We can communicate from home or school, but we have discussed that this site is for posting about topics that are relevant for the classroom.  Not only can we post about school in Edmodo, but the students can also watch videos that I post!  Today I posted a great video on subtraction and regrouping, everyone in the class should check it out!


Nov 09

Push-Up Update

We have been hard at work with our push-ups since the second week of school!  Even though we might miss a day or two every so often, we are still filling up our hundreds charts and working our muscles hard.  Every time we do more push-ups we add that number to our total on our recording sheet, and color in our hundreds chart to keep track of our total number.  This activity is helping us work on our single and double digit addition, and getting us in tip top shape at the same time.

When we first started our exercise routine, some of the students did not think that they could do regular push-ups.  With each week their form is getting better and better.  This just goes to show, if you work hard at something it really pays off.  Every student is working hard at improving their form and their number of repetitions has been steadily increasing!


Nov 04

Got Push-Ups?!?

One of our goals this school year is fitness, and we are getting excited about that in our class! Throughout the year we will be working our muscles just as hard as our minds. As a class we are not only getting fit, but keeping track of our progress in a fun way.

Our plan is to start with one exercise and build throughout the year. We have been pumping out the push-ups for a couple of weeks now and have been doing fantastic!
Since the first step to getting fit is looking fit, we have been working on looking tough between our workouts and studies! Check out the video!


Oct 26


“From pumpkins to spiders and bats to skeletons, we will focus on scientific investigations, life processes and life cycles, relationships between living and non-living things, problem-solving, and even some math skills. A class that creeps and crawls and, in the end, grows on you!” (


We participated in a virtual lesson through the Math Science Innovation Center(MSIC) called Spooktacular.  The MSIC sent preserved bats to us and we explored them through a hands on lesson.  This lesson was conducted through the MSIC over the internet, and we were able to chat, see, and discuss what was going on throughout the lesson with other classrooms in Central Virginia.


At first some of the students were a little grossed out by the bats, but by the end everyone was having a great time!  We were not only able to talk about some adaptations that bats have to help them survive, but we were also able to see them on our preserved bats.  The kids had a great time stretching out the wings and inspecting the bat’s finger bones.  We all discovered that people and bats really aren’t so different after all!