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Here in Henrico County we hear a lot about Henrico 21. We spend months preparing the perfect lesson. Then we teach this wonderful lesson, submit the work samples and hope for the best. With all the focus on Henrico 21 it’s easy to forget about Student 21.

Student 21 is a time to highlight student work. I know you’re thinking, “Oh great! Something else to do!” Don’t worry, the submission process takes very little time to complete. No lesson write up necessary. Just fill out the form on this webpage and you’re done.

Think of it like this.You hang up awesome examples of student work outside your room right? Student 21 is the same thing, just instead of a few people seeing your student work a whole county of eager educators will see the work. Again don’t worry about the time aspect. It will take you longer to find the masking tape then it will to submit a work sample to Student 21.

Submit as many different types of samples as you want. For example I can submit a student example of a Jamestown Project, a Math project, and a science experiment. Remember when submitting don’t submit an entire class for one project. If the whole class did a Jamestown project pick the best representation to submit.

Use this link to get started: Or you can get to this link by clicking “Student 21” at the top of this blog.