Dec 01

First Grade Shows Animals Needs Using Pixie!

I’ve realized that this year has been a blur so far and that one of the things that has fallen off of my to do list is blogging!  I have a lot of lessons to catch up on blog posts for, so hopefully I’ll make time to get to them all!  The first lesson on my list to blog about is a lesson I did with 1st grade at Kaechele.  The 1st graders were learning all about how animals have basic needs such as adequate air, food, water, shelter, and space (habitat).

To get started the students logged into the computers and from our Clever launch screen they clicked PebbleGo.  Each student chose an animal to research.  They had to learn all about how the animal gets adequate air, food, water, shelter, and space.  One of the many great things about PebbleGo is that it reads the text aloud to the students, so for it’s perfect for the beginning readers!

After the students learned all about their animal they went to Pixie to illustrate their animal’s needs.  They did such as fantastic job depicting the different needs of their animals, check out an example below!