March 4 – 8

On Monday, we switched seats and continued learning about angles in math.  In science, we started learning about the Periodic Table.  In reading, we are either reading a passage with Miss Krouse or doing a few options.

On Tuesday, we went to PE.  We did the pacer, and our activity log was due.  We also had All-County Chorus tryouts, which were held in the music room.  We continued learning about angles, the Periodic Table, and our reading stations.

On Wednesday, we started learning about circles in math.  We learned about diameter, radius, circumference, and chords.  We had a pop quiz in science about parts of an atom and physical/chemical changes.  During PIE time, we used the instruments that we made last week and we worked together with our “team” (tablemates), to create a band.  In reading, we revised two passages and we shared our mystery to the class that each table had been working on with Miss Krouse.  We had after-school enrichment, after school.  We also found out about All County Chorus results.

On Thursday, we took a quiz in math on angles, triangles, and circles.  For PIE time, we finished fingerprinting.  Where we found out who’s fingerprints by asking others for their fingerprints.  For reading, we continued with our stations and learned about Mary Celeste mysteries and theories.

On Friday, we started learning about polygons and quadrilaterals.  For PIE time we played board games and for reading, we wrapped up our unit about mysteries.  We did our word trek tests.  This week is a review week in word trek.

Upcoming dates:  3/11 science matter test 3/22 periodic table song extra credit due

This week’s blog post written by Anna.

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Feb. 25 – March 1, 2019

This week we started learning about black history month.  We had to choose someone and write google slides about that person.  We turned in our research essays and did presentations on the person we were assigned.  We had a “scoot”, which is where we have to walk around the room to answer cards, for social studies, where we used it for Black History Month.  Then, we did another scoot in English, which was a fact and opinion.  We have a test on coordinate planes on Friday and a word trek quiz on Friday as usual.

This week’s blog post written by Madeline.

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Feb 18 – 22

On Monday our class started patterns and input/outputs to have a quiz on Friday.  On Tuesday in the afternoon, we kept working on nonfiction texts and characterization.  Wednesday the whole class did word trek and had the opportunity to use the computer to find out the definitions of the words; I did that with Dylan.  On Thursday we went on a field trip to the Children’s Theater of Virginia to see Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn on the Mighty Mississippi.  On Friday our class got to see the 3rd graders living museum projects.  Close to the end of Friday we did Rockin’ Recipes with Miss Krouse. Also throughout the week, the whole class worked on their research projects.

This week’s blog post written by blog editor, Ethan.

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February 11-15, 2019

This week was so fun.  It was take your family to school week.  Many of the students had fun.  This week we had a mystery reader every day.  We are learning Latin word parts, algebraic vocabulary and equations, and main idea.  We have a field trip coming up on the 21st and the 100th day of school.

This week’s blog post written by Lily.

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February 4-8, 2019

On Monday, Mrs. Krouse our new student teacher, started to teach and assist in our classroom.

On Tuesday, Eric Litwin the author of Pete the Cat series, came to our school. He spoke to us about his past, what he wanted to do in the future and shared some funny stories. He was very entertaining and had a good sense of humor.

On Wednesday, Young Scientists came in and taught us about cells. During our time, we made an edible cell model made out of pudding, sprinkles, and butterscotch.

On Thursday, we had time to sleep in because we had a 2 hour delayed opening. We also had a test on the 5 Kingdoms which was easier after the review that we did with the Young Scientists.

On Friday, we will have our weekly Word Trek test and a normal schedule. Also, it’s the last day to bring in used athletic shoes for the shoe drive sponsored by the SCA.

Coming up, we will have a field trip to the Children’s Theatre at Willow Lawn on Thursday, February 21st.

This week’s blog post written by William.


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January 29 – February 1

On Monday, we had no school.  Tuesday we were all trying to get back into the routine.  We had lots of time to work on novel study though.  Friday was the best because of all the funny presentations.  That was the biggest thing that week other than the historical inquiry projects due on Thursday.  We only had four days of school, so we were rushed to get our work done.

This week’s blog post by Rebecca.

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January 22 – 25

Hello!  I’m Charlie. I am writing the weekly blog.  Monday was no school because of MLK day.  Tuesday we had benchmarks and our performance. Wednesday benchmarks part 2 and Weston’s current event. Thursday it was pretty boring, we had a quiz.  Friday, today, we have a word trek review.  On Thursday next week is math benchmarks.  All projects are due on the 31st.

This week’s blog post written by Charlie.

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January 7 – 11, 2019

On Monday Addie joined our  class and we started reading Walk Two Moons.

On Tuesday we had our field trip to Pocahontas and learned about character traits.

On Wednesday we did not do our regular Lucas switch and instead got to do extra novel study.

On Thursday we learned more about Snowflake Bentley and Mr. Jeffery our music teacher called people to practice thier instruments.

-Blog by: Dempsey

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December 3-7

This week was an awesome week.  We are so glad that Jason is feeling better and back in school.  Right now in science we are learning about the southeast.  On Tuesday we had the first snowflakes of the year.  On Wednesday, we had our class spelling bee.  Grace won the class spelling bee and Wilson is the alternate.  On Friday we get our Chromebooks.  This week we have a reading, math, and word trek quiz.  This week was so fun!

This week’s blog post written by Wilson.

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