Book Fair at Barnes and Noble!


Chamberlayne had a book fair at Barnes and Noble! On December 7 Chamberlayne gathered to hear the 4th graders sing and hear Mr. VanRossum read.

The evening was filled with browsing the books, chatting with neighbors, Bobcat Beverages, and listening to songs and stories. Chamberlayne was able to get some new books for library programs as well. Thank you to all who came out and supported the library!!!

Miss Sheri visits Chamberlayne Elementary


This year Miss Sheri the clown has  visited Chamberlayne Elementary on multiple occasions. She came to share  her books with the students. Miss Sheri, Sheri Wilson is writing books on kindness. Her goal is to write nine books, one for each of her grandchildren. Preschool, kindergarten, and first grades have visited with Miss Sheri as she encouraged kindness through her books and activities! 

Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones!

Fourth Grade has been playing games in the library in order to learn about synonyms, antonyms, and homophones! Fourth graders played coffeepot, a synonym challenge, and name that pair. First they were given a pair of homophones (eight/ate; one/won) and they had to get the class to guess what was on their card.  Students made up sentences using both homophones but used the word coffeepot instead of the homophone! Can you guess the samples below?

I have a coffeepot car. / I coffeepot a bubble with my chewing gum.

I coffeepot pizza for dinner last night. / I read coffeepot books this summer.

Fourth graders were also given cards and partners were challenged to think of more synonyms than other groups. How many synonyms can you think of to replace – mad, sad, or glad? Then we looked at the thesaurus to see some that were missed!!! (Quite a few!)

For our final game students were put into two teams and challenged to name why two words were put together. Are they antonym, synonym, or homophone? (Or are they none, Mrs. Abernathy is sneaky!)





reign / rain

song/dance (Ha, Ha)

Try these games in the car! It’s great to review!!!

What’s Your Game Plan?

The new year is underway! Let’s make sure we keep our goals in sight. Think about what you want to accomplish this year. Get a star from Mrs. Abernathy and write one goal on the star! Read other students stars and get ideas. We can help each other stay focused.

Welcome to the Library!

We are so excited about the renovation!!! There are some changes for the library this year. The biggest is that library has moved to C5. Yes, the library has been moved to a classroom! C5 is located near our new learning cottages. Students will still be able to check out books and visit the library.  Library lessons will take place in the students’ classrooms to provide more space.  After the lesson the students will go to the new library to check out books. Older students will still come in small groups to check out books throughout the day for open circulation.   I encourage you to stop by and visit our library in the classroom. Our challenge this year will make us appreciate the brand new library being created in the administration building. Mrs. Gaines and Mrs. Abernathy can’t wait to see you!!!!!

Book Trailers by Fifth Grade!

Mrs. Eubank’s class has been busy!  They worked with Ms. Eubank, Mrs. Taylor, and Mrs. Abernathy to create book trailers on WeVideo. The class came to the library to select books, but not just any books, books that needed some publicity.  They spent about a month reading and working with technology to create didgital book videos to advertise their book.  They choose music, text, and voice overs to convince students to read their books.

Kenny and the Dragon

Chamberlayne Elementary participated in One Book One School in March! We read Kenny and the Dragon by Tony DiTerlizzi. Click HERE to see the school website.

Students created dragons to go on their doors, answered trivia questions, and listened to various staff members read chapters of the book. Students even created dragon poems to share with each other during a google slide presentation during lunch. Reading together is the best way to learn together!

Some of our poems!

Layla Gordon , Ms. McGregor’s Class

This thing is so big.

It will eat a whole pig.

This thing is green.

You can watch it on a screen.

This thing is a carnivore it only eats meat.

I can not lie this thing is not neat.

This thing spits fire

If you call him a liar.

This thing is so mean.

It would even scare a teen.

What am I?

A Rabbit’s Predicament By: Ms. Crabtree’s Class

Grahame the dragon is a happy guy

He becomes friends with a rabbit, who brings treats by

Kenny’s friends are the dragon and the knight,

He has a big problem- they’re about to fight.

So Kenny asks his friends to have a discussion

Maybe this will prevent a roasting or concussion

There is more to read, the ending we shall see

Will this rabbit’s problem be over swiftly?

Welcome Game Changers!

      We are excited about the start of the 2016-2017 school year! We will be game changers in the library!!!!



        The library is welcoming a new assistant, Mrs. Gaines. She comes to Chamberlayne from Glen Allen High School.  Mrs. Testroet is now working at Glen Lea Elementary School. We wish her the best!!!!




     We will soon be placing post-it notes on the sports jerseys hanging in the library windows. When they complete a book, the student may place a post-it on the corresponding jersey. There are jerseys that represent genres such as,historical fiction, fantasy, and realistic fiction. There are also jerseys that represent certain series such as, My Weird School, Junie B. Jones, and STAT. There are more genres and series so come to the library and check them out! 20160825_151009

Book Bonanza!

Chamberlayne’s 2016 Reading Challenge!
1. Read a book!
2. Fill out a bookmark.
3. Show your teacher.
4. Add your book to the Book Bonanza form below!

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Abernathy Team Up in the Library!

 photo IMG_3523_zpslti3h0vm.jpg Today Mrs. Abernathy, the librarian at Chamberlayne Elementary, and I teamed up to work with 2nd graders. We were able to combine multiple SOL topics into ONE 30 minute lesson!
 photo IMG_3515_zpss21pamov.jpg
First, students broke up into groups of 4 and got to sort a pile of books into any 3 categories/attributes of their choice. (Science 2.1)

All the students came up with some interesting ways to sort their books!

 photo be8504dd-08f3-4bb6-85b1-aa448a4487a0_zpshoody1cn.jpg


Everyone had fun listening to each group share out their idea!
Perhaps our favorite sorting attributes came from this group. Students sorted by the categories fiction, nonfiction and BOTH. (Reading 2.8+2.9) Their “both” group included Magic Tree House books that do have an element of each! So clever 😉
 photo IMG_3524_zpss1jjqmct.jpg


Next, students partnered up within their group of four and signed into one laptop. We used Excel to graph the number of books that fit in each category. (Math 2.17) Since we only had a small amount of time for the lesson, I created {THIS} Excel template that the students accessed through the Student Server. All they had to do was type in the names of their three categories and add the amount for each. The graph was generated automatically!